Personalised balloons

Names are added to large numbered balloons to create personalised balloons.

The number-shaped balloons are 34" in height and available in blue, pink and silver colours. Stencil designs are created from the design process and uni posca specialist pen inks are used to create the design. The design is dried and then re-written again before a longer second dry process is completed. Completion time is 3 days.  The personalised balloons are also available from our ebay site.

Monday, 24 July 2017

The ways people find us has changed

Increasingly people find our balloon writing services via social media and ebay search. Locating us via the search engine is less popular nowadays. Social media for us is facebook, pinterest and twitter. We have a google+ account but tend not to update this method. People who still do use google use the following queries to locate us : Queries printed balloons next day delivery printed balloons small quantities personalized photo balloons uk personalised balloons next day delivery personalised photo balloons next day delivery personalised photo balloons uk personalised birthday balloons delivered printed helium balloons next day delivery personalised balloons ebay cheap personalised balloons custom printed balloons small quantity personalized mylar balloons no minimum personalised helium balloons delivered personalised balloons birmingham personalized balloons small quantities custom balloons cheap no minimum personalized balloons no minimum personalised balloons cheap personalised helium balloons delivered uk personalised birthday balloons uk personalised balloons by post personalised 1st birthday balloons custom foil balloons no minimum personalised balloon delivery uk balloons with names printed on them uk custom balloons no minimum personalised picture balloons personalised balloon printing personalised balloons delivered balloon printing cheap small helium balloons ebay giant balloons custom balloons small quantity custom printed balloons uk cheap custom balloon printing custom printed balloons no minimum custom balloon printing cheap cheap balloons delivered getpersonalised balloons next day delivery balloon writing pens personalised engagement balloons number balloons delivered inflated cheap balloon printing balloon cheap printed balloons balloon website personalised balloons amazon ebay posca pens custom helium balloons uk cheapest balloon printing helium balloons next day delivery funkeypigeon printed balloons cheap personalized balloons cheap print your own balloons cheap birthday balloon delivery personalised balloons copper number balloons giant number balloons delivered personalised wedding balloons helium canisters argos personalised latex balloons cheap personalized balloons personalised helium balloons uk personalized balloons with photo rifco climb inside balloon printed balloons ebay balloon printing kit custom latex balloons no minimum card factory helium tank custom imprinted balloons seo training course coventry imprinted balloons personalised photo helium balloons cheap imprinted balloons cheap balloons delivery balloon printing basics personalized balloons with names baloon cheap custom printed balloons partystore4u argos helium balloon weights argos personalised fridge magnets asda alternatives to webuyanycar personalised stickers balloon delivery uk cheap how to use balloon personalised balloon delivery cheap personalised stickers balloons delivered cheap balloon next day delivery

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mr and Mrs personalised wedding balloon

Personalised Mr. and Mrs. wedding balloon now available. Personalised with the surname of choice, the balloon measures 30" (much bigger thena the standard 18" balloon), and can be used as a stand alone balloon, or top top a display of balloons. The balloon is silver and the writing is in black ink.

Visit the ebay page from www.getpersonalised.net for more : https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/getpersonalised/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Great Personalised balloon examples on facebook

Facebook seems to be the most popular way shops are promoting their balloon work nowadays.
Some great personalised foil balloons on facebook at the moment. Much of it being produced in the West Midlands.
Viva Planet in Nuneaton are adding vinyl cuts to foil balloons. Their facebook personalised balloons photo section contains some great examples. They also have a number of items for sale on ebay. Looking Great !  :





A very popular personalised balloon, is the clear balloon with feathers inside. The following company has some great examples of this. Princess Events balloons in Coventry have some original personalised balloons. Although they offer more than just balloons, they have some great examples on their facebook page :


Pumped balloons offer something similar and their examples are available at :


Special occasion foils in Coventry, offer traditional foil balloon printing, Their facebook page has not been updated in 18 months and their specialist website was removed in early 2017, so please phone to confirm they are still offering the service.


Bows Balloons always offer  a large array of personalised balloons on ebay. Their ebay page is :


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Personalised balloons in two colours have returned

Personalised balloons in two colours have returned to our get personalised ebay page. Featuring a personalised name in white across the main section of a number-shaped balloon, the name is repeated in a different colour (once or twice). For pink balloons, the name is written in white and pink, for blue balloons the name is written in white and blue. The design has previously been sold on our website, but we have re-vamped the photos to include real examples as well as digital created examples. The 3 main photos on the main the page are all real examples that have been extracted form photos. The ebay photos have been created with a star burst effect and pink border to boost attention to any ebay listing page. Our design room has been upgraded with the addition of extra design tables to meet the increasing demand for these balloons. We also hold 300 number balloons in stock so the design process can be started as soon as orders are received. The design process involves creating a template writing the name with POSCA pen inks. The inks are applied three times with a 4 hour drying between each application.

Personalised balloons from getpersonalised.net are available in numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in colours blue and pink. They currently costs £9.99

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Website hosting service prices are on the price rise again.

Website hosting service prices are on the price rise again. We have been with vidahost for a couple of years now. A UK based website hosting service. The current price increase letter is shown below. As a direct result of the increases we have moved our personalised balloon blog to a blogger account as it's hosting is free with a google account. We converted all our posts using the following website. http://www.wordpress-to-blogger-converter.appspot.com/
Blogger is owned by google, runs very quickly and is free to use.  A Win Win Win. At the top of our blog website we display all the links to purchase our items via the ebay shop. As a business this provides the cheapest way with the maximum return whilst being able to offer incredible value to our customers.

Vidahost Price Increase Letter

Since Vidahost was launched in 2004, we have offered low cost excellent hosting to over 50,000 customers. We are proud to have always done this with transparent pricing and no hidden extras.  
  To date, we have never imposed pricing increases on existing customers. Due to the effects of inflation and a weaker pound, our hosting is now cheaper in real terms than it ever has been. We therefore need to make a one-off adjustment to address this so that we can keep offering the same excellent standards of service and continue investing in our infrastructure, improving reliability, performance and features.  
  The services in your account which will be affected are as follows:  
   Your Starter Plan package youprintballoons.co.uk will increase from £29.00 to £34.80 (Annually)
 All prices exclude VAT if applicable
   The increase will take effect from your next invoice. If we have already invoiced you, that invoice still stands and will not be altered or re-issued. If you have any queries of concerns regarding this adjustment please get in touch with the team. You can chat to an agent on live chat at vidahost.com.  
   Kind regards,
Seb, Adam and The Team @ Vidahost 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Adding vinyl to balloons is becoming very popular.

Adding vinyl to balloons is becoming very popular. Many companies have picked up how this is cheaper and quicker than traditional balloon printing. Time to put those sissix and cricut vinyl cutting machines to the test. Have a look at these videos on how balloon companies personalise balloons.

This guy from balloons online even adds vinyl transfer to 3ft latex balloons. Amazing!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

dmoz and yahoo directory - both close down

Dmoz and yahoo directories were once the directories to be included in. For businesses, groups, voluntary organisations (in-fact anything that needed marketing online) getting listed in these two directories was a priority. Our balloon printing company was listed in theses two. They were the search engine big names in the early years. Before the inception of youtube and google. Times have changed and these directories have now closed down. These directories were around before google and were the equivalent of google 20 years ago. Now google is the powerhouse in search engine and directory listing.

If history repeats itself, then something bigger is due soon to kill off google causing closure of the mega search engine within 20 years. It's hard to imagine this happening, but I suppose it's also hard to believe companies like Apple and Disney nearly went bust. Time will tell.



Friday, 9 June 2017

New personalised balloons

Our new range of personalized balloons are now available from our ebay page :


We have improved the design and print process to some of the personalised balloons using a stencil and air paint spray process.

The spray process allows us to easily add a number of layers of ink. Here is one of sample tests where pink red and black spray paints were used to a silver number one balloon.

Products available from



Badger AirBrushes