This is “get personalised ”. The online shop for small quantity balloon writing onto foil balloons. Offering the best balloon writing services in the UK. We add names onto balloons.   Using a combination of stencil assisted and hand-writing techniques, we personalise balloons. Our large number foil balloons are personalised with a name and graphic.   Adding something extra to standard balloons. The Balloons are available on ebay or from our website We use Uniball POSCA pens for the writing. The stencil is created with a cricut explorer machine. We design the wording and graphic in swift publisher and then use art text 3 from belight software to enhance the font with extra layers. The graphic is then split across three pages for A4 size and cut onto A4 card to create the stencils. The stencil is attached to the stretched balloon with masking tape and coloured with the POSCA pens. Once the stencil is removed, further touches are made. This simple but highly effective process is much quicker and cheaper than previous personalised balloons systems used.  
TRADITIONAL BALLOON PRINTING ON LATEX BALLOONS Personalised balloons are used for special occasions. Weddings, birthdays, company open days and new brands. Many companies offer small run balloon printing onto balloons. From quantities of around 25 upwards through a process of Latex balloon printing. This balloon printing process is performed using a screen print process. Logos and designs are transformed to the screen. This Produces a single colour screen stencil. The stencil is placed onto the balloon. Ink is then passed across the screen stencil to create a printed balloon. The ink is assisted through the stencil using a squeegee. Similar to those used by a window cleaner to swipe wet windows clean. The squeegee is passed across the stencil two or three times to force ink onto the balloon creating the required print. We supply an alternative to this. Quality balloon writing onto foil balloons. This allows single or no minimum quantity personalised balloons to be purchased. Producing words via a range of templates to re-word.
We have been part of the balloon and party industry since 2003. Originally running a helium balloons decoration and printed balloon service in Coventry. From 2003 until 2014 we were called “important occasions”. An online service for balloon printing and balloon decoration. Alongside this, we ran a children’s party organiser service from 2003 until 2010 to fulfil a gap in the market to decorate and run parties for children. Our children’s party services were branded as small important people. Personalised products was highly featured in our services. The popularity of printed balloons came from these services. The children’s party services also included the popular infletters. These were inflatable letters that could be strung together to spell names. A very easy way to personalise any party. Unfortunately the personalised letters became unavailable in the UK and the focus became personalised balloon writing. However we are currently in talking to sell our own branded inflatable letters. It may happen again. THE BALLOON PRINTING SALE We sold all equipment stock and websites assets to a number of different companies in 2013. We then moved the location to Birmingham in the West Midlands. The important occasions website was sold. The whole process was fun. Finding a gap in the market. Starting a business to fulfil that gap. Then selling it on. In 2016 we decided to do it again. Offering personalised balloons again via a stencil assisted process. Get personalised balloons was the new name (the old name of important occasions never really described what we did). Some of my very old websites were still owned by ourselves. We started from scratch again. We have a skill for researching what people are searching for on google. Working on a process to supply a service in line with what people are searching for. Then finally creating a website in line with our research. The websites, and are websites became alive again. Since the beginning of 2016 we’ve been looking on the internet to source different products. We began again to offer the best balloon writing services. We do get asked if we regret selling the old domain name and balloon products. I wished we could have held onto some of the items, but at the time it was correct. Therefore selling our assets and starting again makes a wise decision. PERSONALISED BALLOONS GET PERSONALISED BALLOONS – A VERY DIFFERENT PERSONALISED SERVICE. Our old company was a copy to every other UK balloon printing company. However the difference was to add the option to buy online. Pre 2010 we were the only company selling balloon printing products on-line. Getting orders via the internet and smartphone was the only way to buy our services. It was very successful. Rival printing companies followed the online trend. Offering balloon printing online. In 2016 we started to do something different. Really different. We were looking for a printing process that was cheaper. There are several ways we cut down the balloon personalisation process. Sourcing balloons direct from the supplier. Ordering direct from China is easy nowadays. The balloon wholesalers in the UK charge 5 times as much. Compared with ordering direct. We’ve already located the suppliers that supply to the major branded balloon companies. Printing from a small unit. No large business premises. The big cost in printing is building the screen print. Also cleaning down old printed screens. Using alternative screen emulsions and chemicals will cut time and costs. We finally decided to create and use disposable stencils created, that cost 15p. Offering a smaller selection of products to print on. This time, we will only print on a very small selection of balloons. Quite specific. In-house website. We do the website, designs, marketing, branding. We take orders online reducing phone order costs. Cutting down on expensive website designer and programming fees. Cutting the amount of products we print on will make the website easier to control. The brand and marketing name was all done without paying a constantly firm. We love our name, slogan and ideas. “Get personalised balloons” is the “does as it says on the tin” name. We also use the slogans “we’re getting personal” and “this time it’s personal”. . All this adds up to out main USP. The UK’s high quality single balloon personalised service.  
BALLOON PRINTING SUPPLIERS There area a number of balloon suppliers in the UK that offer balloons for printing onto. : Qualatex – Provider of balloons to independent shops and local balloon decorators. They have an online balloon catalogue available. Unique – An all round party provider. They have a small amount of balloon products that are usually a lot cheaper than other major companies. Commonly seen in Asda supermarket. CTI Balloons – Generally only seen in supermarkets. Northstar Balloons – Growing balloon company. Offers alternatives including the square-shaped balloon. Anagram – Possibly the largest selection of foil balloon products. Available in the UK. Also, supply a lot of branded and licensed balloons. Batman and superman shaped balloons. Part of the Amscan company. Amscan provides a full range of party products. Creative Party – Catalogue also available online. Creative supply a small selection of balloons within each themed area. Oaktree – Foil balloons. Supplying their own balloons and balloons from sempertex balloons. Sempertex balloons – Foil balloons from Columbia. Available via oaktree and Anagram. belbal balloons – Latex only specialising in printing on balloons. bobofunnco – Growing UK supplier of all things balloons. Everts Balloons - Provided a number of latex balloons until recently. Their website currently states they have moved on and news is coming soon.   Balloon Gas Suppliers Adams Gas BOC Air Products   Some of these products can be located from china. The Alibaba express website is the online ordering company. Also a number of companies in china will print onto balloons and deliver to the UK. This option is only cost effective if the requirement is in the 1000’s.