Party and Balloon Shops in Coventry

    Have you visited the new party and balloon shops in Coventry ? Which shop do you think this is in Coventry? Would you believe it’s in a supermarket in Coventry? It’s one of two party and balloon shops to open in Coventry and they are based within supermarkets from the Morrisons chain. The Morrisons in Binley, Coventry and Holyhead road also in Coventry have both had these store within a store refits. The shops are situated at the back of the shop (next to the bakery) … [Read more...]

Personalised Balloons

Welcome to the world of personalised balloons. We supply balloons with personalised writing. Available in ink or and glitter is added to number shaped balloons. Other shaped balloons are sometimes available. Alternative balloon printing companies, however, supply more traditional types of personalised balloons. This includes screen printing. Here’s a look at other offerings around the UK and the world for personalised balloons. The personalised balloons experience Warning - some of this … [Read more...]

1st Birthday Personalised Balloons

The most popular birthday balloon number sold is for the 1st birthday. The number 1 balloon sells considerably more than any other number balloon. Here are a couple of balloons of 1st birthday balloons we have added names to this weekend. … [Read more...]

Organic balloon decor

One phrase used in the balloon industry throughout 2017 is organic balloon decor. It’s a style of balloon decoration that adds tissues, flowers, and foliage to arches, swags and table runners.  Balloons are inflated to varying degrees. Personalised balloons can also be added. Organic balloon decor - Does it work in the UK? Can money be made selling organic balloon decor or is it industry hype? From a business view, I don’t know if money can be made from these designs. It seems to be a design … [Read more...]

Balloon training courses

For an over-exaggerate balloon industry that doesn’t exist in the size that people will make you believe. It will make businesses little money.  Eventually new balloon businesses will end up training other new businesses on balloon training courses advising them to work in an industry that doesn’t exist.  The only money is in balloon training courses. (Either that or close down the balloon business that has recently been ill-advised through other balloon training courses) The industry with lots … [Read more...]

Personalised Balloons in a box

Get Personalised have been busy adding products and new features to the website. Here we go with a few updates including the personalised balloons in a box update. Personalised Balloons in a box update - Personalised balloons delivered in a box Personalised balloons is our core product. Balloon printing onto latex and foil balloons. We have stated to add an option onto the 18" foil balloons. To have them delivered inflated as a gift. We are also added our printed balloons next day delivery … [Read more...]

personalised gifts for babies in frames

My journey to move the personalised website from printed balloons and personalised wall stickers onto other products continues. Recently looking for personalised gifts and items, I came across personalised photo frame and personalised gifts for babies. Dominated in the UK by “not on the high street” website and ETSY, there is a surge of products available for picture frames and craft designs using computerised vinyl cutters. Googles keyword planner brings a host of searches for personalised … [Read more...]

printed balloons small quantities

[insert page=‘22381’ display='content’] Printed balloons small quantities. Latex balloon printing available from 25 balloons. Single foil balloon delivery with personalised messages on are available with in birthday, christening, hen party, wedding and other celebrations. Large number foil balloons are also available. These are a name duplicated numerous times on the balloon. Printed balloons small quantities - How are they made? Screens are created with an inverted image to add to the … [Read more...]

personalised birthday balloons delivered

Personalised birthday balloons delivered. Another one of our aims is to provide personalised birthday balloons. Our idea is to provide simple worded latex balloons quickly and cheaply in small quantises.  I think words on a balloon look great. Simple but effective. Many customers think so too. Simple text on a balloon has been our best seller. Some of our examples are : So here is the plan for our “personalised birthday balloons delivered” project : Small range of popular balloon … [Read more...]

printed balloons

Printed Balloons : So the printed balloons website changed domain today. We purchased A well established website, but the rankings were falling a little. We have owned the domain name “” for a number of years. An old printing company disposed of it and we picked it up from for a small cost from go-daddy. It had been used as a forwarder. I’ve made this the main hosting name now. We will test this over the coming weeks.  Hopefully it won’t upset … [Read more...]