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For an over-exaggerate balloon industry that doesn’t exist in the size that people will make you believe. It will make businesses little money.  Eventually new balloon businesses will end up training other new businesses on Balloon training courses advising them to work in an industry that doesn’t exist.  The only money is in Balloon training courses. (Either that or close down the balloon business that has recently been ill-advised through other Balloon training courses)

The industry with lots of balloon training courses

What to run your own balloons business? Balloon training courses news


Keep the industry alive.

Balloon training courses : The only places to get trained

Amscan Balloon training courses

Qualatex Balloon training courses

Belbal Print Balloon training courses

Conwin Event Balloon training courses

Sempertex Balloon training courses and ideas

The balloon has really burst for the small trader. Read this before taking Balloon training courses.

I’ve worked with balloons and the balloon industry for 13 years. So much of the small business and sole-trader side of the industry is disappearing. Unfortunately the large supermarkets, national businesses,  hobby craft, every card shop and even poundland eat most of the profits and sales. Morrisons are also rolling out a huge in-store party shop network within many of it’s supermarkets, (as at November 2017). Poundlands retail prices are cheaper than some suppliers who supply to balloon retailers. At the bottom of this post is a list of 285 UK balloon related websites that have expired in the last 90 days. The owners have chosen to have a balloon website for a year or two and then not renew it. This causes it to appear on the non-renewed expired list.  That equates to over 3 balloon-related businesses a day in the UK are not renewing their website. The government also pulled finding towards balloon artistry courses according to the report into funding in the Independent newspaper, as the course was deemed low value.

The balloon industry is saturated. There and more Balloon training courses than balloon work out there.


And the balloon training courses are making the problem worse.

The balloon industry is so saturated, many of the existing balloon companies make their profits from balloon training courses. The Balloon training courses advise new businesses to sell balloon services and not just balloon products. Services such as balloon displays, inflation services and delivery services.  Unfortunately the reality is “actual balloon services work” from “actual customers”  is not as popular as the Balloon training courses sometimes make out. If it was, they wouldn’t be doing the Balloon training courses! When the likes of Clinton card and hobby craft supply these services now. The competition from popular retailers makes surviving as a sole trader or small business very difficult. The constant training of new people from balloon training courses into the industry only makes the problem worse.  Many of the balloon training courses advise people to start their own balloon business and incorrectly reveal how to make money in the balloon and party business. The reality is different. Of course “the business cake is only so big”. Training more people into the balloon industry to take a slice of an already small cake means everyone has a smaller cake. Everyone makes less money. Also the size of the cake is shrinking. Each cake portion is currently the size of a tablespoon. It will be a crumb within 5 years.  Inevitable this will cause more problems in the long run.

Why so many balloon training courses do not work for the industry.

Lets take a quick example and do some Maths. If the annual spend on balloon services in the West Midlands is estimated at £500,000. This is split up between the existing 20 balloon companies all taking £25k. This is seen as reasonable and something that small business can expand and grow. If for example a balloon business in the area charges 10 new businesses from the West Midlands £95 on starting a balloon business, the training company will take £950. While that sounds easy money at first the long term outcome is not good. The annual spend budget for year 2 in the West Midlands is now spread across 30 companies. 29 businesses now take £16,666k and the training company takes £17616. Some of the non-training balloon companies now start to offering balloon training courses. This brings in more balloon businesses into what is already a saturated market. The west midlands in year 3 now has 50 balloon companies. 30 from the previous year and 20 newly trained companies from all the companies offering training courses.  Each company is now taking an income of £10,000 a year and 2 or 3 will take £10,950 from their extra training courses offered. At year three, 30 businesses will fold and 20 survive. We are back at the same number of business from year one. The 20 that survive are all struggling. The whole area is a mess all because some of them try to gain extra income from offering training. It really makes no sense. Knowledge is power in any business. Offering your trade knowledge for a couple of £100 could destroy your own business.

If you really want to go on a balloon training course go with the major suppliers.

I have sympathy with the major balloon suppliers such as qualatex and Anagram. They have worked hard over the years to create a market for small businesses. They have created Balloon training courses to help people in the industry long-term. It is within their interests to train people who will then become regular customers to their supply of balloons. What I am against are those balloon businesses who imitate supplier Balloon training courses for their own profits. They seem to have only interest in making a quick buck. These courses offer no genuine long-term interest for trainee or the industry. They can mis-lead people in thinking the market is bigger than it really is.

Balloon training courses : The only places to get trained

Amscan balloon training

Qualatex balloon courses

Belbal Print Training

Conwin Event training

Sempertex Balloon ideas

The balloon websites. how much will I make after attending balloon training courses?


15% compared to 5 years ago after attending balloon training courses

I’ve worked on balloon websites for 13 years. We were one of the first to sell balloon displays and balloon printing online. Whist our current website performs incredibly well in Google listings ranks, it’s impossible now to make a profit from selling balloons online.  Ebay, dedicated website and facebook accounts are saturated from businesses doing the same thing. We have moved onto selling other products that sell over 1000 times more than balloons.  All with larger profit margins.  I’ve seen companies start a balloon shop on ebay and disappear within 12 months. It’s impossible to have a career selling balloons without selling other products.  Also the amount of people buying balloons is shrinking. The balloons have received bad press from environmentalists (for latex balloons and helium usage). Shops and businesses are seeking alternatives to displaying printed balloons at events and shop-fronts. I used to have regular contacts to supply helium and balloons to shops in Coventry on a monthly basis. This is virtually non-existent now. Times have changed. Some businesses end up realising they cannot make money and just offer further Balloon training courses,

Can I make money being a balloon decorator following attending balloon training courses?


Only if you spend half your life travelling to London.

Many of the professional balloon decorators from the Midlands travel to where the work is. A lot of the time it’s London. I’ve seen many pictures from balloon companies travel over 150 miles to get work. Balloon companies display their work on blogs and social media. Their decorating work is nowhere near their home location. The social media updates for balloon decorators are less frequent and less local. The long distance travelling costs will also eat into profits. It seems a crazy industry now. Many traditional balloon and party shops have closed and have been rented out for more profitable work. The balloon decorator business person now lives in a small van and runs a business from home making very little money.

How do we make money in the balloon industry following attendance on balloon training courses?


Answer : from non-balloon work (or offering balloon training courses)

Part of our balloon printing work involves using vinyl cutters. We create templates and stickers to put onto balloons to create personalised balloons. One day we started to sell just the stickers. The stickers get placed on walls, cars, doors, boxes (anything really). The vinyl sticker work has now become the main part of our work. We changed our name from get balloons printed to get personalised. It was very clear after re-entering the balloon industry after a couple of years break that it was smaller. The non-balloon work now is our core business.

The balloon industry needs to change and I urge those small businesses who keep offering Balloon training courses to stop it. You are killing the industry. Your industry. Leave it to the major suppliers who use it for the long-term gain.

Create eye-catching displays on a balloon training course

Create eye-catching displays on a Balloon training course. But will they make you money following attendance at a Balloon training courses ?

Where is the evidence for all these claims against balloon training courses not working?

Look at the second website from our list of domains names that have not been renewed. A Balloon training course from the midlands called Also look how many balloon websites that have expired in the last 90 days. Hundreds of them.

Balloon websites not renewed In the last 90 days (that may have used balloon training courses) :

Balloon training courses worldwide

The balloon industry also organise the World Balloon Convention. A training and balloon education event in the USA. Whilst this is organised by the balloon manufacturures and has a high standard of trainers, the cost of the convention is far too much to get a return on the investment. At around £600 per person, plus flights, spending money and accomodation, the total cost is around £3000 if travelling from the UK. I cannot justify an investment of this type when the business return is very low. If travelling from the UK it will be a business holiday more than a sensible business decision for this Balloon training course.

Please note this is an article about how to buy the cheapest LEDs for Balloons and personalised balloons. We make references to many websites on this page. We have no connection to any of the companies listed below.

The industry with lots of balloon training courses

An article on using and buying LEDs for balloons appeared on a balloon training courses website for 3ft balloons

Click here for the article

The article describes how to add illumination to giant floating balloons by using LEDs for balloons. The illumination is a colour changing bulb. When added to the neck of a giant balloon will glow the balloon. The bulb is actually a small battery powered device that lights 10 leds. This website site are selling the LED lights (when adding VAT and postage) for …£15.42 each(price correct at 7th Oct 2016).
Buyers however can save just short of £13 per item when buying individually.
Price Guide for one LED for giant 3ft helium balloons (inc. VAT & postage)<
Ebay (China Seller)
cheapest seller
Alibaba Express (from China) £3.59 Amazon (UK Seller) £ £5.99EBay (UK seller)  £6.99 Coventry balloon decorators website   £15.42 The exact same ones are available from numerous sellers on ebay from £2.59 Yes… £2.59 that’s.. £2.59

Whilst these  prices for LEDs for balloons (around £2.59) are from sellers based in China, the expected delivery is still only 2 – 3 weeks. However UK sellers are still cheaper than the “Coventry balloon decorators website” price of £15.42

UK SELLER for £3.89… thats £11.53 cheaper than balloon decorators website (when buying LEDs for balloons individually).

Amazon are selling them in the UK for £3.89 online including delivery:

Alibaba Express display their prices in dollars.  Prices work out to £3.59. Like some of the ebay sellers, they are based in China and delivery will take a couple of weeks.

Ebay UK sellers at still more than half the price than the Coventry balloon decorators website. They are available from the “LED lighting shop” and sell for £6.99 with FREE delivery :

On ebay direct link…

Cheaper and price and faster delivery on LEDs for balloons

This ebay site offer a 1 day dispatch time with product arriving within 4 days. The Coventry balloon decorators website display a 5 day arrival time. Amazon also sell them on

Amazon prime

offering same day and next day delivery options.  All still cheaper and suggested faster delivery than those offered by the Coventry balloon decorators website. The delivery times has not been tested and based upon company quote of expected delivery times.

Online ordering on LEDs for balloons. (through non Balloon training courses)

Websites such as ebay, Alibaba and Amazon have continually offered cheaper products due their ability to function as an online only retailer. This keeps the price low for LEDs for balloons as the shop is un-manned and available 24/7. The Coventry balloon decorators website is a not an ecommerce website and therefore will only accept orders over the phone. The phone lines area not 24/7. YOUTUBE CLIP BELOW. Created by the Coventry balloon decorators website showing these LED lights in action.

This article advises how to get an LEDs for balloons that can fit inside giant balloon displays cheaper than those offered by the Coventry balloon decorators website. The prices were all correct at 7th October 2016. Prices may vary. We will update this article when notified. We have no connection with this Coventry balloon decorators website, Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Trimmingshop or any other company listed on this page. We take no financial interest or commission from this article. This post is used to advise what we feel is best for consumers and balloon decorators. That is to save money. Although we have advised to the best of our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible for changes to the information we have investigated. Please check information from this article before purchasing. The  balloon decorators website mentioned on this page started online in 2002. Based in Coventry they offer balloon decoration services to the city and surrounding areas of Warwickshire and the West Midlands. They have on site balloon printers offering personalised balloons, printed balloons for quick turn around times. They specialise in large balloon printing. With large foil balloons available from their “special occasion foils” website and 3ft latex balloon printing available by phoning the company direct.  The websites are blog sites or form filled websites. None of them offer a fully automated purchase online experience to date (October 2016) or have secure enabled websites. Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba all work as a non-supportive purchasing company. Your own your own. No customer support, no product knowledge and no cashier. Buy your own products, create a shopping basket. Then take payment yourself. However these sites are considerably cheaper. It’s now common for savvy customers to obtain knowledge from the more expensive shops, then buy cheaper online. It’s not just LED lights either. Customers could contact the Coventry balloon decorators website for balloon decoration advise, balloon printing recommendations and wedding decoration decision, then buy cheaper on ecommerce websites. The web has made it a very difficult world for the bricks and mortar party shop and balloon decorator retailers. References:

LEDs for balloons References.

Amazon Website on LEDs for balloons

Ebay Website on LEDs for balloons

Alibaba Website on LEDs for balloons

Trimmingshop on LEDs for balloons


A post on Balloon training courses and LED’s from get personalised.