Personalised balloons cheap

Get personalised balloons cheap. As one famous company said, “does what it says on the tin”.

Personalised balloons cheap


Get personalised balloons – a very different service to get personalised balloons cheap

Personalised balloons cheap

personalised balloons cheap.

A couple of screen printing films that other people have uploaded :

The main cost in personalising is the build of the screen. Screens use a system of applying chemicals then burn an image to retain the image. Further chemicals and water blasting is used to remove the image. These printers have overcome this process. They use paper to create the stencil image. Whilst they are not printing Balloons. The process can be used to get personalised balloons cheap.

A slightly more reliable method to personalised balloons cheap is to use vinyl. The cut is vinyl design is transferred to the screen with the assistance of transfer paper. Again whilst they are not printing Balloons, the same process can be used to get personalised balloons.

The video mentions oracle 651 vinyl rolls using a cricut cutter.

Paper and vinyl have been popularised with the aid of cutting machines from cricut and cameo products.

Vinyl products in the UK are available from

mdp supplies


The Vinyl used in some of these examples is available from

Ebay also has a number of vinyl shops. The 300mm and 305mm widths will fit the cricut cutter. These are much cheaper than the own branded vinyl. Transfer paper is also available from eBay signage shops.

Ebay is a great placed to find personalised balloons cheap printing businesses selling old screen printers for creating personalised balloons cheap. To get personalised balloons cheap, we use a form of printing similar to print t-shirts called screen printing. Currently, a

Rifco balloon printer is selling online for over £2,0000. This is around half the price on the new price from rifcodirect and can assist with getting personalised balloons cheap. A balloon printer is much the same as other screen printers. It is adapted to hold an inflated balloon in place to get personalised balloons. Screen printing takes a lot of effort and expertise.  Because of this balloon printers often appear online.  Users give up on the effort involved with the process. (It’s very messy). Vinyl can also be used to build screens. Vinyl cutters are available from eBay shops





A3 mesh (silk) screens

are available for around £32. For crafting silhouette and cricut cutters are available.

Get balloons printed : The Notes for personalised balloons cheap

I’ve used the rest of this pages for some of my notes and information to get personalised balloons cheap. All found online regarding personalised balloons cheap. It will be used to build up this new website.

I’m also looking at a large printing press for printing onto foil balloons. Ebay has a

large printing press

available, which could be used for mylar balloons. As a cheaper option, a big piece of wood fixed to these

screen printing hinges

may provide the answer.

personalised balloons cheap – Personalised Foil balloons UK

There are a number of people searching online for foil personalised balloons cheap, Especially for customising pre-printed balloons. By adding a name onto an existing foil balloon design. Balloon next day delivery is also being searched for. A standard foil balloon is 34cm x 34cm (13.3858 inches). To cover this area an A2 screen is required. A mesh type of 43T is the most common used in screen printing.

Pre-printed Balloon Inks for personalised balloons cheap in the UK

Apollo inks offer inks to print onto foil balloons at

as do

steve wood


Lysis technologies

provide exact ink details for printing onto balloons (latex and foil).

Further news on websites. – personalised balloons cheap

We found a website that is used for getting personalised balloons cheap. It was used several years ago by another company. We purchased it recently. It was used for selling balloon printing services online.  The company never renewed the domain name, therefore, we purchased it for £1 on GoDaddy. What a find! -personalised balloons cheap

Another gem was the website A website that is very highly rated on search engines. It also was not renewed by the previous owner. It’s over 16 years old. It’s so highly rated I made this the main website for our

balloon printing

. I’ll use the other balloon printing websites to point to this one. I made some into a single page website that provided links to this rated site.

 Keywords for get personalised balloons and personalised balloons cheap

Looking at google, here are searches for personalised balloons cheap printing at March 2016: The idea from this list is to focus on what potential customers are searching for. Then provide the services or products based on these searches. Basing webpages on these words. Previously the keywords used were :

personalised balloons


printed balloons


balloon printing

. The competition for these words is so fierce now that trying to compete with more established websites would fail. I have shortlisted the new keywords to build up products and website pages. These will be :

Personalised balloons in a box.

There is a lot of people searching for a personalised balloon in a box to be delivered. It would make sense to offer this service basing the product and webpage on the following keywords:

personalised balloons in a box

personalised balloons by post

personalised balloons next day delivery

personalised balloon delivery

personalised balloons delivered

printed helium balloons delivered

Website location :

Personalised birthday balloon

Birthday personalised balloons cheap has more searches for online above any other type of celebration. This is way above wedding and new born. Mainly due to there being more birthdays occurring then any other celebration type. It would make sense therefore to have a large section of birthday balloon personalisation. Keywords for this section will be :

personalised birthday balloon

helium birthday balloons delivered

custom birthday balloons

cheap birthday balloons delivered

personalised balloons cheap

personalised birthday balloons delivered

printed birthday balloons

happy birthday balloons with names

birthday balloons with names on them

custom party balloons

website Location :

Other Celebrations

The next most popular celebration type searches on google that include the words balloons and personalised are Christening, hen and engagement. Further products will be made available for these options.

personalised christening balloons

website :

personalised hen party balloons

website :

personalised engagement balloons

website :

Personalised name balloons

A lot of balloon personalisation is to add people’s names on. A large focus will be to offer this service. Searching for personalising with names is more popular than searching for personalising with logo. A heavy focus will be placed on name personalisation.

personalised name balloons

names on balloons

name on balloons

balloons with names on

name balloon arch

balloon name arch

balloons with names printed on them

website :

printed balloons small quantities

We don’t have a mass-production balloon printer, therefore, it would make sense to highlight small quantity balloon printing production in line with users searches.

printed balloons small quantities

custom latex balloons no minimum

website :

Get balloons printed – personalised balloons cheap

There are a few balloon printing phrases that are regularly used that may not have been picked up by other websites. These are :

personalised foil balloons UK

pre-printed balloons

custom foil balloons

get personalised balloons

website location :

“Cheap” and “balloon printing prices”

People include the word “cheap” within google searches for custom balloons. Also, some searches are searching for the balloon printing price list. Many balloon printing websites do not display their current prices. This is usually in fear of forgetting to update them when changes occur. Having a web page based on balloon printing prices mixed together with the phrase cheap prices means a web page with the  following phrases within our website :

custom balloons cheap

cheap imprinted balloons

custom balloon printing cheap

cheap foil balloons

balloons with logo cheap

balloon printing prices

Names on balloons

Get balloons printed

Up until now we haven’t come up with a company name or brand name. Two names that stand out from looking at the keywords are Names on balloons and get personalised balloons. Names on balloons look like it will be our brand name and the other “get personalised balloons” will be our tagline.  There are a number of people using the phrase on google “get balloons…” followed by the words printed, delivered or helium filled. I’m thinking of creating a webpage for each title with relevant information.

I’m liking the phrase “get personalised balloons”. Not only because it’s a keyword but it really looks like a brand name. The website domains for get personalised balloons are available.

As a quick example, I’ve uploaded a couple of images into the products for sale option. Theses products are from Unique balloons and have space available around the balloon to personalise.



New logo and colours required for names on balloons

New trending font for 2016 is


.I’ve created all the logos with this font. The font is also being used on our printed balloons.

Bright colours currently trending for websites.

From these popular colours and using the current popular ubuntu font, I’ve created a standard balloon logo below. A simple design that looks like words is being printed onto come coloured balloons. (10 minutes it took me).

I played around with art text 2 for mac. I’ve created the following designs for logo and b
alloon banners.

The ubuntu font is very modern. Really nice. I’ve created balloons using current trending colours. All the balloons have a reflective white light on the left of the balloon to add a rounded effect. The balloon banner for the main page is below.



The big list of keywords for personalised balloons cheap

I’ve embedded my spreadsheet below showing a current list of the most popular phrases *(taken at March 2016) used in google for people searching for personalised balloon. The second tab shows  the phrases that will be relevant to this website separated into sections.

The get personalised balloons cheap blogging continues.

Week number 2. So far we have a website, a logo and a business plan. In one week we are listed in google at position 32 for “, number 39 for “get personalised balloons” position 62 for “personalised balloons by post” and 120 for “printed balloons”.

Position for phrases table on week by week basis :

I’ve just searched for personalised birthday balloon delivered in a Google search. These are the results.



From the results given above, moonpig is top of the search results.  They don’t even sell personalised balloons! The same with  balloon monkey.

Getting popular with personalised balloons

I’ve noticed the balloons websites starting to appear in results when searching for personalised balloons printed balloons or anything to do with personalised in a birthday with a foil balloon. They usually appear at the top of a search engine for may results including the search “personalised balloons”. How are they doing it ? They are listed on a website called



The website has a lot of links from other websites to their own. Here is the list.

Time to take some of these listings and analyse.


Like other balloon websites, we have two listings in DMOZ : – A website owned by a company in Florida until 2013 when it was swiped by who redirected links to another site. – A website owned by a company in New York until 2013 when it was swiped by who redirected links to another site.

It would seem old websites are snapped up and have information added and redirected to a new website.

We have copied this idea with

. An old personalised balloons website that has been brought back to life with links to this site.

Making major pages for personalised balloons cheap

So here is the lists again for popular google search phrases for personalised balloons. Time to take a look of these phrases. Identify our pages to associate with these phrases.

Pages created to match the google phrases ‘personalised balloons cheap’.

I’ve also added the following phrase -pages associations.

personalised balloon

start your own balloons business

kids party organiser

There are a number of themes that maybe worth a purchase if the website gets popular on google :

Whilst the themes are not to getpersonalised balloons cheap, the design and colour is right for a party and balloon-based website. The websites load fast. Also easy on the eye. I’ve looked at websites themes on elegant themes but they don’t match the quality as those on template monster.

Between 2004 and 2014 we owned the website We sold this on eBay to a balloon printing company. They kept the website as a similar style to this one but used a template from

ThemeForest. It looks like a really good template. Simplistic and straight forward and whilst still using the  WordPress blog structure.

Another couple of ThemeForest themes that look suitable:

I purchased a ThemeForest theme a couple of years ago called


. The theme still looks really good compared to today’s standards so I’ve installed it over Easter Weekend.

A new product has been added today. We’ve gone for the big one. personalised balloons cheap. This is on a product where latex balloon printing can be ordered. This isn’t a service we complete ourselves but outsource to other companies. We are using the giant keyword phrase for this page. personalised balloons. Nearly 1000 searches are carried out each week on this phrase in the UK. Competition is fierce from the major balloon printing co
mpanies. All wanting their website to appear at the top of googles search engine results for this phrase. I’ll see what I can do.

I need to add multiple options for this product. Code Canyon sell the

extra options plugin

. The extra options alternative is also available.

Was totally blown away by one of the extra options programs. I purchased it for $19. The

personalised balloons cheap page has been upgraded. It now includes extra options when purchasing printed balloons. These includes selecting balloon colour, ink colour and choice of design.

I decided to review the most popular keywords for April 2016. They are shown below with links to our webpages that reflect this keyword.

Balloon printing is the second most searched phrase on google. As our home page performs well on this search term, I’ve re-focused the main page to base itself on these two works. The title, headers, meta tags and images all focus on these two words.

personalised balloons cheap on Youtube

I got side-tracked when online recently. I found this fabulous clip from belbal balloons. Printing on large balloons.

Do we include personalized on our website?

Well if it’s reached for then yes will do. Misspellings are frequently typed in on google. Personalised is frequently mistyped on search engines with a ‘z’ used in place of the ’s’. To gain a high ranking for phrases such as “personalized birthday balloons”, “personalized balloons for the wedding” and “personalized balloons for birthday”, “personalised balloons cheap”. (Personalised is seen as a misspelling for people who spell it with a z”.