Number Balloons Delivered

We like to get number balloons delivered. It takes  a good website to get number balloons delivered. Whilst working on a website for custom printed products, I haved compiled a list of the common SEO tips to prevent errors and mistakes.

Top tips to keep a website rated highly (from a highly ranked Number Balloons Delivered website)


Top tips – Keep a blog. Keep it up to date. Getting Number Balloons Delivered.

1. When blogging and writing main pages for the website,  keep checking and adding to old posts. This makes the text length much longer, helps correcting errors and makes the internal and external links improve. I only have a few web pages on my website, but the length of the pages are always increasing. One of my favourites is my personalised foil balloons page. This is the most popular. Currently (March 2014 of writing) it has 83 revisions, meaning I’m always adding more information. Before the fold it looks like a normal shopping page. Below the fold I have added relevant, helpful and interesting information about personalised balloons. I don’t have a FAQ page, I place all the helpful information already on the page the user is looking at. This helps the viewer and my SEO ranking. Quality over quantity – always. Every-time I find out relevant information and just keep on adding. Adapt the Wikipedia format of always updating always changing. Would you read a newspaper with only two sentences on it? Probably not. Add some content. Get those number balloons delivered.

2. We don’t copy, paste, reprint images onto a blog. Google has been down-grading websites with regurgitated workings for some time.  Keep it all original. Also remember Google cannot see images apart from the file name and page title.

3. I’ve seen one website containing over 100 very similar pages. The first page titles “Number Balloons Delivered Birmingham” followed by a 300 worded article. The second page titled “Number Balloons Delivered London” followed the by the same 300 words. The only difference in the text is the place names.  Don’t copy existing pages replacing the city names. Google will eventually catch up with your game plan and downgrade the website. You may fool the search engines for a year but then you whole website will be wasted. Write new content that contains really helpful content. I tend to write down ideas I come up with. When I need to spend some time on my website, I refer back to my ideas list. I recently wrote an article about all the balloon decorator training courses in the UK for my balloons website. An informative piece that contains lots of helpful links to websites and details of my own experiences. It also contained a section on how to get some free course information. What started out as a few lines of information ended up being one of my longest articles I had ever written. Eventually I added it to an article about balloon decoration to become one of my longest articles.

4. Use relevant titles and tags.  The titles and the tags are crucial for accuracy. Check with googles keyword checker for some great suggestions. Also view Google webmaster tools regularly to see what’s trending. Go back and change the titles and tags of old posts.

5. Ensure your website has not been blocked by filtering services. Register your website with the major filtering companies to categorise your website. I have generated so much work from education establishments simply because my websites are not filtered out by McAfee filtering services. A lot of schools, governments and colleges use these service in the UK. My competitors are blocked from these establishments. Just because your home website can see your website doesn’t mean it everyone can get to it. Also check your website hasn’t been blocked by any of the search engines. There are a number of handy tools to use at

6. Check to see if your website is working. It’s amazing to see how many sales are lost simply because the website is not working and the administrator hasn’t realised. Create an account with Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster. Bing is currently my preferred favourite webmaster tool offering some really helpful information. The inbound links section is neat. I recently redirected old inbound links to better webpages on my website to increase sales.

7. SEO if never finished – Make it a weekly event and use a monitoring tool. I use the SEO rank reporter within WordPress. It’s good and it’s free. Every three days this software plots a graph showing the Google position of my 50 keywords. A weekly look will shows which keywords are under-performing and the graph should confirm an increase in keyword positioning over time if SEO techniques are used correctly. SEO is always a long-term plan and the graph on SEO rank reporter confirms this. I personally find the results encourage me to keep working on SEO. Seeing my work provide results is a great encouragement boost to get those Number Balloons Delivered.

8. A sitemap on website helps search engines navigate around. Check your sitemap is up to date. Many people believe the having a sitemap is good enough. If it’s not updated it’s useless.

9. 301 re-directs are used to redirect old pages to a new page. Commonly used for website updates and changes. Only use 301 re-directs if the content between the two pages is the same or similar. Search engines started to penalise 301 re-directs of irrelevant data after the system was misused to trick search engines through a process of misdirection. On the flip-side good search engines add value to positive re-directs. Currently it seems to be beneficial to re-name webpages and redirect them to a new page.  (even change domain name).  Websites that consistently change do well in search engines results.

Keeping a balloon and party website popular takes more than Google. It’s all about Number Balloons Delivered.

10. Remember other search engines exist, other than Google. Yahoo has come back to be a pick competitor against Google. A recent report suggests yahoo was more popular in July 2013. ( Ensure popularity is good with yahoo as well.

11. Don’t keep buying domain names that match search engine keywords. It’s costly and will fail. Once upon a time domain names titles performed well in Google results. Not nowadays. Keep one website and work hard to keep it updated. Frequently I’ve out-performed my competitors after they have been ill-advised. If you need to buy a new domain name, consider buying an old recently expired domains name from Expired An expired name can hold a lot more value and prove to be already popular with search engines compared
to buying a brand new one. Spending £500 on a domain name may seem expensive, but spent wisely may yield a quick return. Spend along time using expired to gain an understanding on how this website works before making a purchase. There webpage is highly ranked for the phrase ‘Number Balloons Delivered’. Better than if I purchased the domain name “”!

12. While your website may be featured within Google search results, some people forget to add their company blog to googles blog results. Add the URL of your blog to Google by filling in this quick form :

13. Don’t reveal everything in your blog. I’ve followed a competitors blog for sometime because they tell me everything including all their keyword research data and which companies they use. Remember Knowledge is power. Keep some knowledge private. Everyone know to secure customers personal details. However many companies reveal customer handle names and pictures on Twitter without a moments thought.

14. High quality images can damage the website performance in search engines. The need to optimise pictures for the web not only presents a better web experience for the viewer but can also enhances SEO. Google has developed a tool that measures web loading on their developers website. Test websites speed at and follow googles advise to speed up a site. Optimising graphics is a frequent request and Google have online video to assist. Once the images have been optimised, place them on a different website. When your website loads from two different severs, it will load faster. I’ve saved my images on Google appengine. Instructions available from

15. Combine several blog posts into one large one. It’s much better to have a long post. The Daily Mail in the uk has always performed well in search engines. The length of their web-pages are longer than the average newspaper and search engines like Google like this. I tend to write several blog posts in draft form over a coupe of weeks, then combine them into one. In May 2016 I played around with all the posts and pages within this website. Basically the blog part of the website.  I started the weekend with over 150 posts and pages. By merging similar pages together I now have less than 30 posts and pages.  The pages are obviously longer and focus on a handful of keywords. It’s easier to manage just a small amount of posts. Also search engines seem to like my pages containing over 2500 words rather than average 200 words that I had been. They rate much higher thus gaining Number Balloons Delivered.


16. If selling products, upload the details to Google base. This could get Google to list you products under a shopping section, with a thumbnail photograph, next to the adverts if the right keyword is searched for. In order to inform Google of your products, an xml file needs to be created detailing all your product. It’s not complicated. It’s just text file with headings letting Google search engines know what’s ob your website and where it can be found. Here’s a UK xml file example for this website.

17. Google checks to see your website is not advert heavy. In February 2014 the major search engine released and update according to search engine land, to penalise websites that showed too many adverts above the fold. It believed content was priority and advert was secondary. This website noticed a dramatic reduction in it’s positioning in February 2014. We had 3 adverts on every page that customers were faced with. We removed all adverts to below the fold.

18. Buying the right domain entails a large amount or research. Don’t just keep buying new domain names. The internet has a lot of changes that are about to happen. The domain extension (which has been mainly for UK business, .gov for Government websites, for UK school and .com in America) is set to have a new number of alternatives. There have been a few varieties over the years. Simply because the popular extensions of and .com have been saturated since the internet began.  The new domain name extensions take the form of services rather than countries. So .lawyer and .accountant are two examples. People will be typing in the future to find an accountant in Coventry. At the moment it looks slightly odd but I’m sure life will adapt to it next year.  There are around 700 name extensions being released in 2014 – 2016. As this website focuses heavily on the party industry the .party extension is available to pre-order from a number of websites as from last week including 1 and 1. The .wedding extension is also available which will attract party shops and balloon decorators that specialise in wedding decorations. In fact the .wedding is in the top 20 of most popular pre-orders. I wonder who will get As they are now live for pre-ordering, the balloons and party industry will have no doubt snapped up the biggest .party names by now. Quick off the mark, I have pre-registered several of the biggest names I need.  The complete list of  extensions can be viewed in 1 and 1’s 12 paged document below.

 The domain extension .london will be made available to businesses it was announced recently on the bbc website. (website update – has now been made available under large fanf
are and huge promotion
).  I also wrote on this blog in September about the huge array of 
new extensions being released over the next 12 months. For the balloon and party industry the extension .party is set for release soon. I was informed that there would be a move away from location and more towards subject category. The news of a .london extension maybe a surprise for many following other the category announcements earlier in 2013. For an accountant calling themselves bloggs accountants, they may purchase the name for example. However if they are in London, they could soon buy or even At the moment domain name extensions ending in perform best in the UK on search engines. Is it going to be worth businesses spending hundreds of pounds on all these new domain names? Personally I don’t think so. Whilst initially I registered for a number of new domain names, I’ve cut ties and decided it just won’t be worth it. Google is still  the main search engine and Google prefers domain names that have been established for a number of years and built up a reputation by expanding, being talked about on social networks, listed on DMOZ, Government sites, large news corporation sites whilst also gaining good reviews is the way to win. Bing and yahoo search engines however still focus on the contents of the domain name and title but I suspect they will follow googles lead over time and base their results on reputation as well. Here’s an example to what I mean. If I goto Bing and type “custom balloons” I get a set or results. When searching within Google the results differ **

Number Balloons Delivered – custom balloons search


In Google, this website ( is listed first for the phrase “custom balloons”, even though the words “custom balloons” do not appear in my domain name or title. In Bing, the search results list a domain name that contains the words “custom balloons” ( first (and it’s also repeated in the forth position as well). This website appeared lower down in google. Google focuses more on domain value, age and reputation more than just a title. Buying titles is not the way business works in the world of Google. I know numerous companies that just buy-up titles and new website names thinking it will make them popular on the internet, but it seldom does in todays market.

I firmly suggest not buying up new domain names that we hear in the news and waiting. Some people will make a lot of money from this new sites but not from my pocket. The future is very unknown at this stage and there is big hype from the re-sellers. Beware.


The DMOZ effect – Number Balloons Delivered


A major website directory to get listed in for website owners is DMOZ. An open directory project, which after a few name changes and different owners settled on the DMOZ name. Getting listed in here with the other 5.6 million listings is seen as credible and gives website owners a few brownie points. It’s free to get listed but websites have to be manually approved. DMOZ is in contrast with Yahoo sites directory that costs £300 a year for inclusion. It’s believed by some that large corporations dominate the yahoo  directory whereas DMOZ has a level playing field for all companies and not just money heavy providing a better balanced directory.  It’s rumoured search engines builds up a lot of it’s information from DMOZ listed information. AOL searches use the DMOZ data extensively as they currently own the company. It follows a Wikipedia concept whereby an army of volunteers keep the directory up to date.   In fact Wikipedia and DMOZ have worked together in the past even though they are separately owned A robot called robozilla, is also used to track listed websites to ensure they stay live and to maintain directory accuracy. Saying that, we own a website from out original company name of small impeople people ( These website hasn’t been live for over 4 years now but is still listed on DMOZ. ALthough it just redirects users through to this site.  The DMOZ logo can be seen on AOL’s web-pages.  Unfortunately it is taking around 2 years to get approved (and that’s if you know how to get approved). Some people believe the 2 year wait is part of the the DMOZ process to get listed and not, as they claim their current wait-time due to a backlog of submissions. Other suggestions have been that DMOZ never checks the submissions and entry is to the directory is based upon editor research. The two year wait it is believed prevents “here today gone tomorrow companies” and stops companies setting up multiple domain names with search engine keywords. The aim of a good business is to have one domain name and build a good reputation. Important Occasions took just short of 2 years (this was when the web was a smaller world) to get listed. We’ve just moved all our websites into the one umbrella names of as this domain name has been listed on dmoz at for some time now. For more information on getting listed in DMOZ visit Jon Coopers blog and be prepared to wait 24 months. For more on DMOZ visited

Search results taken 16th November 2013 in West Midlands UK for Number Balloons Delivered.

Cyber Monday

19. Ensure your website works on all the latest gadgets. The daily telegraph and internal business times published details on what was termed “cyber Monday”. The biggest day of the year for internet shopping. As expected by many, the amount of spending via tablet and phone devices has heavily increased. Overall combining all online devives the BBC reported that sepnding was up by 16% online.  It could of been a lot more spending on cyber Monday had RBS not had the reported computer problems. With all this online increase, some were surprised that payment merchant Google checkout has recently closed leaving rivals paypal and amazon checkout to accept the business. We have noticed here at important occasions the amount of purchases via small devices. Our shop website has been a responsive website for some time now with purchases from tablet and mobile phone increasing. This blog page is also a responsive website thanks to the recent theme updates from studiopress The updates provided to our website a style of clean and fresh design that works with PC, tablet and smart phone. Perfect for todays web user.

20. Send a nice message to your customers. It keeps in contact with customers without any hard-sell. In 2014 I thought I would send all my customers from the last 10 years a happy news years message at the start of the year. After locating the backup files from all my online shops over the last 10 years, I extracted the customer names and emails for customers who chose to accept newsletters following a purchase from important occasions website, printing personalised balloons website, custom UK website or the small important people website (they chose not to op-out to sending further emails). I created a mail chimp account a nice 2014 graphic and set about sending everyone a happy new years day message. The message also appeared on facebook and linkedin.

Mailchimp is free to use when registering under  2000 customers. So the first 2000 customers were added to the database and an email was sent. My email was friendly, polite and a non pushy-selling advert. It simply reminded existing customers that Important Occasions was still around. The email also provided a link to the website and an unsubscribe button.

24 hours later the results showed the following :

192 emails bounced

130 had opened the email

18 people had un-subscribed from the newsletters

One person viewed the email 5 times, several others viewed it more than once

People started to read my email at 7am in the morning.

The peek time for reading my email on New Years day was at 11am

All the emails were sent to existing UK customers.

80% of people successfully received the email. Meaning the majority of people have not changed their email address over the last ten years. Out of the 20% that bounced, the majority were business email address. More than 80% of us therefore keep our personal email address the same.

82% of people who opened the email were in the UK

11% USA

2% Switzerland

1% Australia

1% Canada

My biggest surprise was to how few chose to unsubscribe to these messages. I hear stories of how people find them annoying, but so few unsubscribed. The Unsubscribe button was not hidden either. It was the easiest way for over 100 existing customers  to see my logo and a reminded that I still exist. These results were taken only 24 hours after the mail was sent.

Do we achieve success with a number balloons delivered website ?

For printed balloons, we feature within Google search engines highly for this service. Here’s a table showing Google phrases that many people type into googles search engine (that have some link to printed balloons) and where we rank. (data correct at 1st January 2014)


Phrase Google postilion in search results (after adverts)
Custom Balloons 1st
Printing on balloons 2nd  – after signature balloons
personalised balloons 3rd – after ebay and funky pigeon
printed balloons 1st
balloon printing 2nd – after signature balloons
custom printed balloons 2nd after balloonprint
printed helium balloons 2nd after signature balloons
balloons printed 4th
balloons 7th
personalised wedding balloons 8th and 9th
personalised birthday balloons 4th
personalised birthday balloons and banners 10th
save the date balloons 5th
personalised new born balloons 7th

personalised balloons uk


personalized balloons


personalised helium balloons


custom balloon printing


personalised ballons


customised balloons


personalised helium balloons uk


printed balloons uk


balloons delivered uk


custom made balloons


personalised balloons delivered


Due to the way Google works, there may be regional, product and time differences. Meaning; depending on the time of day, the product you are using to perform a Google search and where you are located the results may change sightly. The general conclusion is that we (important occasions) rank highly for when potential customers are looking for personalised balloons.

Why are we ranked highly for personalised helium balloons ?

We have written numerous papers and articles on the subject and the search engines recognise this. We have a dedicated an internal page within our website on this subject. Currently Google likes internal pages and what we have achieved. We upload our product details to google base using an xml file. Google uses this information to sometimes display shopping results within it’s listings. Other websites rate us highly such as DMOZ. Search engines take note to this recognition and position us higher. Customers have responded and rated us on review websites for our printed balloon products and this is also taken into account. Our website supports large and small screen users. The website is responsive to the size of the screen being used. Google generates data from it’s analysis on how a website works on a PC screen  and a mobile screen sizes. This can effect search engine results when users search on a mobile device. Important Occasions is hosted on fast loading servers based in the UK. We have less graphics and more text on our webpages. Google carries out speed tests and values websites that load quickly and reside on servers close to its serving Country. Websites that do not use the correct picture file size for web performance and host their website on cheap foreign servers can get a low search engine rating. And rightly so too. Our important occasions website has been offering printed balloon products for several years now and the website is growing every week with new productsblogs, comments and upgrades. The website also makes corrections to errors google finds. Google produces crawl errors on the webmaster tools website and we make sure the errors are explained or corrected frequently. Google recognises this as good website behaviour. Bing has a similar webmaster tools feature now. Our blog software is word-press with many added enhancements for increased performance including the studiopress framework. Studiopress is highly regarded as one of the best wordpress themed add-on packages that is built with huge regard for google performances. (  to name three websites that talk about the quality of studiopress’ SEO performance). Google recognises websites that have established themselves over time and build up slowly. A bit like a vintage wine that has matured over time that gains popularity through word of mouth. Google is not a fan of websites that suddenly appear one day and this new website seems to never change or get any bigger.  These websites that suddenly appear are just focused on selling one product and not a growing range.  Google has recently taken a dislike to websites that are named after a single product titles or a popular searched term. Our website name “” is not linked to any product. The words printed </stro ng>or balloons do not appear in it.  I’ve personally seen websites suddenly appear on the net that are called something similar to ““ or ”“ or ”“ that never receive any updates or changes. These website owners will probably be wondering why it doesn’t work? Why do they not get any visitors? Some businesses spend 2 days working on a company website and then expect hundreds of orders to arrive in their inbox. Online businesses just don’t work like that today! Websites grow in popularity and size over years of changes whilst establishing a name, brand and product with the customer. What is more incredible is that paid consultants are still incorrectly advising business (small and large) that the way to build a business is buy a domain name like ”“ and then create a WordPress blog on it. Stick on some photographs, an online shop plugin and watch the business take-off. That may of worked in 2009 but it’s now 2014 and times have changed. Due to some businesses exploiting known techniques pre-2009, typically bulk-buying lots of domain names for increased business exposure and linking them to one major website, google changed it’s formula and de-graded it’s value to a lot of website listings. Search engines view the makeup of websites differently now. They are a lot more intelligent. To the balloon website owners that brought over ten domain names, created a one page website for each domain then forwarded all visitors to their main website – I suppose it bought in a lot of income a few years ago? It was good business while it lasted, but not now!


Why are other products such as printed ribbon, balloon decorations and banners not as popular with important occasions?

As mention earlier, everything takes time and grows slowly. Our personalised sashes went live online last week and we currently Google rank 83rd. We started re-selling personalised ribbon 2 months ago. Currently we rank 25th in Google for the phrase personalised ribbon. These products won’t get us much business (if any), but over time it will improve and we will work to establish our name within the printed ribbons community again. The printed ribbon industry is quite small on the internet and we hope to get a good foot in the door this time. The custom banners side of the business was started 6 months ago. We currently rank 9th for the phrase custom banners which is a great achievement considering how many banner printing companies there are in the UK. This will be really hard to improve on. We started providing balloon decoration services in some areas of the West Midlands following a 4 year break in the business. For the phrase “balloons Coventry” we currently rank 4th in Google. As before, things improve slowly and I’m sure this will change for 2014 like the other products on our website.

Personalised products on google merchant

Google merchant. Where products can be displayed on google shopping. Google shopping sometimes displays results within the main google search.  Type wedding balloons in google. The first result lists a number of products within google shopping. John Lewis is listed first. Getting personalised products on google merchant is difficult. Google merchant likes brands. Not unknowns.


Google requires a feed. A very specific file layout. A very specific set of data. Getting personalised products on google merchant results in a endless loop of submitting and  rejecting. It’s not actually endless. It just feels endless. After 20 attempts google has approved my one shopping submission today.

How to get personalised products on google merchant

The problems encountered are usually getting  approved the “google product area name” .  Google likes barcodes. Custom products have none. By adding a “identifier exists” attribute and setting it to False then barcode numbers are not required. For this to work the condition needs to be set as “refurbished”. I hope your still with me.   Certain categories will not work with the identifier set to false. The following category will work for personalised balloons :

Arts & Entertainment > Party & Celebration > Party Supplies > Balloon Kits

It’s hard to explain. Maybe a copy of my google merchant feed will explain better. Below is the spreadsheet I created. A list of headers with my single product data matching the headers. Once I get more products I can populate the spreadsheet,

The spreadsheet then needs to be saved as a text files (space delimiter). This can then be manually uploaded to google merchant.

Once this has been accepted, the next wait for full approval review occurs. I’ve waited five days already and I’m still waiting for google merchant to give access.

But getting google merchant to “agree” to mu submission was a task.  If you supply custom products. Good luck in using google merchant! I am still waiting for a listing.


Word-press for the personalised balloon

Before we look at personalised birthday balloon delivered services  and personalised balloon within word-press, let’s talk about wordpress. Word-press accounts for 18.9% of all websites. The program that is used to create the website. That’s over 74,000,000 live websites. This is one of them. Original created as a program used to create website blogs, wordpress has grown to incorporate add-ons and plugins to create any type of website. All without any programming knowledge. It feels more like playing a computer game rather than programming a website. It’s popularity is down to it’s ease of use, the free cost for it’s basic use, cheap plugins to customise and the successful results within search engines. It’s more like using a microsoft word rather than becoming a website designer.

WordPress is installed once a websit
e domain name and webspace have  been purchased. It’s backend access is used by owners to create a front-end process is seen and used by the world via the domain name.

WordPress balloon websites

Many personalised balloons by post and personalised balloons websites use wordpress as their basis for building their online presence.  These include,,,,,,, I found these from the first 30 websites listed on google when searching for balloon printing. Thats over 23% of personalised balloon websites using wordpress from our short sample.

Product Filter Tools for personalised balloon websites

I found the ubag website the most fascinating. They have an amazing personalised balloon online customisation website. The webpage shows a great example of how simple they have made the process to custom party balloons. They use a lot of product filter tools to great effect. I searched online for the tools they used. I’m not 100% sure but I think they have used the woocommerce tools from codecanyon coupled with a label design program. Both of these programs are $25 and are a cheap way to create an amazing design program. There is also a t-shirt designer plugin, mobile phone design plugin, from the same programmer that offers a similar product design service for balloon customisation.

The B-Loony website uses extensions from studio press and have purchased the executive pro template. The studio press use a framework called Genesis and is renowned for performing well in search engines.  They also use a jetpack plugin to assist with high ranking.  We used Studio press for a number of years. The only downside to studio press is that their designs are very basic. They have a low conversion rate for selling personalised balloons. use wordpress as a blog and have very little design to their website. They use to have a printed balloons small quantities shop online but seem to have disposed of this and all their alternative websites.

3sballoons have purchased a forest theme called sommerce shop for their personalised birthday balloons website. A common way now to get an online shop cheaply. uses wordpress as it’s original concept. As a blogging and forum style website

matthewlewisdisplays use wordpress and have credited Jim drury as the designer on every page. What Jim has done is to install the divi theme from elegant designs and add some printed balloon pictures for their personalised wedding balloons site. Divi is very popular due to it’s simplicity and cheap cost. This website links into another website called which is another word-press account using a different wordpress theme again from elegant themes called nova. Elegant themes are popular due to their one-off price of $69 to access 87 templates. This works out at 56p a template.  This low cost means they are usually not the best template. Especially compared to templates costing over £40 each. Cheaper themes  have low customer to sales conversions rates compared to template-monster and theme-forest themes.

About 10 years ago I created a similar program but obtained programmers from elance to solve a few programming issues. The website cost me over £500 from external companies to complete the plugins. It seems so expensive now.  The amount of plugins for wordpress is now vast.This is a main reason why the wordpress platform is so popular. For most websites programming is not required as there is usually already a plugin made that will fit users requirements.

Other useful wordpress tools for balloon sites

We added  the wordpress plugin Pricing deal rules to our wordpress website to add dynamic pricing. This enables us to change prices when ordering in multiple amounts. Ordering personalised balloons online is a common to decrease the single price when ordering in large numbers. The Woocommerce Product Custom Options Lite allows text box input into wordpress. Both these wordpress plugins were free of charge.

Balloon themes released in May 2014

Template Monster have released a number of non-custom balloon themed websites available to buy for balloon sellers who need a website or website update. These themes sit on top of either wordpress, Magento of Virtuecart software programs. This enablers users to have a very powerful website at a much cheaper price than working with a web-designer . Typically around £100.

I wrote an article in June 2013 about the party and personalised balloons themed that have emerged and have now updated the piece with a May 2014 update including all the links.

The original article can be located at :

The May 2014 update can be located at:
Check out this ebay auction…

That Big brother 2014 logo looks familiar!

Wondering why the UK Big brother 2014 logo looks familiar?

Can’t help bit thinking it looks like some of the despicable me minions characters!!!

Now that thought is in your head, your smile after time you see the logo on TV.

How not to sell yourself in business

Here’s an exact copy of an emai
l I received today from asking us to run our website and associated services.

Hi Important Occasions,

I would like to firstly tell you one thing that we recently start SEO Services and we have not any reference so please don’t ask me result proof.

We are work one monthly basis and we offer milestone-based pricings for websites and monthly options for SEO. We’ll be able to showcase SEO ranking tractions within 2 months, or else you don’t pay for the next months – no long-term contracts to bind you.

If you are interested in our services please let me know your domain name and keywords if you have or I can also suggest you keywords.

Please get back to me.
I am waiting for your positive response.


 Golu Singh

The English is so poor. Incredibly one of their services is to write material for my printed balloon website. Also, when looking at their website some of the pages get the following message when clicking on the menus :

Well this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?


It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. 


Do you think I’m going to offer them a business contract to help with my balloon printing and  personalised balloons website and content ?

Finding UK Balloon websites that have expired and hold value

It’s sad to see that the balloon industry has many small businesses that fail to make a success in the UK. As a result the amount of domain names that get brought and never renewed is huge. Just recently I researched and produced a list of “once purchased but never renewed balloon related domain names” in order to buy some expired domain names that could still be popular. I was especially looking for ex printed balloon websites. By buying up more websites, we can re-direct more customers to important occasions. This site!

So here’s the list of expired websites with balloon content (possibly printed balloon content). Remeber this websites only. 1,0,1 22,3,6 1,0,1 21,1,6 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 24,3,10 22,2,7 21,2,9 1,0,1 1,0,1 27,4,13 28,3,14 1,0,1 25,4,24 28,3,16 24,2,9 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 22,3,7 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 22,3,6 23,2,8 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1 21,3,6 1,0,1 1,0,1 1,0,1

That’s one worrying big list. Even though there has been a continuous call for more balloon decorators over the last 10 years from within the industry. A large amount of companies offering Balloon training courses and increased vastly. The amount of company drop-outs over the years and disappearing domain names would suggest otherwise.

Selecting the best balloon websites

Using website data, I’ve located the Page Authority, Moz Rank and Domain Authority for each website. This set of three numbers is published to the right of each domain. The higher the values, the more recognised value the website has, which could make it popular within search engines.

Stripping the table down to highly rated websites, the websites that may hold val
ue then are  : 21,2,9 21,3,6 22,2,7 22,3,6 22,3,6 22,3,7 23,2,8 24,2,9 24,3,10 25,4,24 27,4,13 28,3,14 28,3,16

Finding further information about these websites (such as age of domain, Alexa rating and content), I have obtained a list of the best 8 domains to purchase. After giving it some thought I purchased all eight. I designed a very simple 5 page website, uploaded this design to some of the websites and provided direction to the important occasions website for all the personalised helium balloons print services. Other websites were directed straight to the important occasions website. I value a website by how much income they could bring in over a couple of years. There is certainly a few £1000 worth of value in this little group, yet they have only cost me £28 in total to buy. Bargain bagged.

For Balloon websites – NEVER  buy a new domain name

There are so many balloon websites with existing value to them just waiting to be taken over. Promoting a website takes a lot of time and effort. Buying an existing domain that has had days and days of work promoting it, is more valuable than a new one. And they cost the same price. If your a new balloon decorator wanting web presence or an existing balloon company wanting a second or third website, NEVER NEVER NEVER  buy a new domain name. The age of a domain name is so important nowadays and when other companies like ourselves snap up old domains, it’ll be very difficult to compete with companies who, for example, hold over 10 very strong old balloon websites.



Online balloon game

There have been a few brain training games over the years. First on Nintendos DS lite. Then online and and apps. I decided to put some small balloon game brain training exercises on social media this week. All to get our company noticed on social media. The idea of the brain training exercise is to work out how many balloons turn blue. They are simple but effective. It is hoped a few of these may fly around and get shared across the internet. This will also promote our personalised balloons and  balloon printing company. Get balloon printed.

The balloon game on social media

Here are a few of the on line games.





How Number Balloons Delivered deal with junk mail

I’ve just receivced more junk mail to the balloon printing company. This is happening frequently as our personalised balloons email address has been added to a marketing list that is being sold to many companies around the UK. Whilst normally I delete the email, I decided today to take some action. First of all I unsubscribed from the mail, then I replied back with this response using the word “CONGRATULATIONS” in the subject header :





I have recommended your companies domain name to be added to several worldwide blacklist groups due to your recent spam communication. Can I personally thank-you for sending me your spam email as the contents is being used as evidence towards my blacklist recommendation.




Email was not created for organisations like yourselves to buy lists of electronic addresses and bombard inboxes with your services using marketing software. Can I suggest in future you let people find your company through search engines and yellow page type directories. Also I recommened you only use email to contact previous customers if they have given permission.
Any future emails by your company are now set to auto junk.
I then sent the email several times. This will hopefully send out a firm message not to bother me again.
 Finally I reported the company concerned to Spamcop.
That is it for Number Balloons Delivered.