Organic balloon decor

One phrase used in the balloon industry throughout 2017 is organic balloon decor. It’s a style of balloon decoration that adds tissues, flowers, and foliage to arches, swags and table runners.  Balloons are inflated to varying degrees. Personalised balloons can also be added.

Organic balloon decor – Does it work in the UK?

Can money be made selling organic balloon decor or is it industry hype?

From a business view, I don’t know if money can be made from these designs. It seems to be a design for the artisitc floral designer rather than a balloon decorator. Some balloon training companies have hyped it up to be “the next big thing”. They of course don’t know as the next big thing is only really known retrospectively. It could always be the next big thing that never happens.

I find myself disliking some of it. Many examples seem to be a clump of balloons with some leaves pushed in. I stare at some of the work really wanting to like it. But I don’t. I really want to say “yes that’s great”. But those words don’t come aloud. Instead I end up saying “oh my God… what has happend too balloon decorating?”. Here is some examples from twitter that display what I mean.

organic balloon decor on twitter

It’s one of those styles when done correctly, it looks good and easy to copy but actually it isn’t.  Many, like those above, will imitate the originals and get it looking like a poor copy. On some designs I’m wondering if the client is asking “where is the design in this balloon dump”.

Organic balloon decor that does work.

Some designs however  have got it right. These images are embedded from the pinterest website and look wonderful. They have the correct mix of colours and organic addition.

organic balloon decor

organic balloon decor

alternative organic balloon decor

Sue Bowler wrote an article in January 2017. She is recognised in the balloon industry as an experienced balloon decorator. She seems unsure about the organic balloon decor. Recently she has seen some work that has convinced her to try organic balloon decor. She believes it’s a trend that will disappear. The report includes interviews from some people who have made it work with social media examples causing customers to request it. One described how they have made money from organic balloon decor but only if priced right. This seems to me that many haven’t made money.  It sounds good if people are making money from it, but it does not appeal to many in the UK. Most of the quotes from this balloon blog are from non-UK balloon companies.

Who is using organic balloon decor in the UK?


It looks like the UK have NOT accepted organic balloon decor.

When searching on google for an “organic balloon decor” supplier, the search results show a lot of videos, training courses and a lot of pinterest examples. Then some Australian and American companies offering the service are listed. The first UK company offering an example on page 3 of google listings is huff puff balloons in Birmingham. They have one picture on page one showcasing an organic balloon decor example. Back to the google search results and more overseas companies and some twitter examples. Page 4 of googles listings offers one more UK balloon company called create a party uk. They don’t have any working examples but offer the service within a list of options.

Buyer beware of Organic balloon decor balloon training courses

There does seem to be a string of training companies around who are jumping on the chance to make money from these designs. With no proof of real customer paying work, they are attempting to show how to create these balloon designs with their “balloon organic training companies”. If you are wanting to attend a course,  make sure you ask for proof of client work and  recommendation before attending. Also ask yourself, if it’s so profitable, why are the balloon trainers not with their clients  making money but instead running training courses? Be very cautious as organic balloon decor is looking like a fad (or trend) that will not last. It has hit the Australian market but not the UK.  I think the winners will be the balloon trainers who are cashing on an expectation that may not exist. My thoughts are if you are a talented designer, you will not need to attend an organic balloon decor training course as the designs will come naturally.

I think I will stick to my personalised balloons instead of organic balloon decor.