personalised balloons by post

Here is balloon printing at its basics. Getting personalised balloons by post. I found this home made balloon printing kit on youtube. Non-automated simple hinge based process for balloon printing and personalised balloons

The company is based in Portugal and sells the printer for around £550.00 (conversion rate as at April 2016).

A fully automated balloon printer is also available to get personalised balloons by post:

All personalised balloons by post products are available from their website : . The google translate program may assist the language distance.

Apple celebrates with personalised balloons by post


computers has used balloons to demonstrate the difference in computing over the last 30 years. The comparison was used on it’s home page in February 2014 to demonstrate the graphical change and power of the home computer. The original computer shows an outline of a balloon, whilst the updated computer shows balloons with contrast, colour, shading, opaque, outline, defintiion, accuracy, and the shadow of the balloons. The question asked by apple is “Image what we can accomplish om the next 30 years”.

We hope people can say the word “


” and it will suddenly appear by using computer lenses that are have been added to the front of our eyes.  We will all be saying how the google glass was just to bulky and was replaved by the i-Lens.

Just a prediction!

New balloon printing to get personalised balloons by post

After a week offline (May 2014), the personalised balloons by post website is now back. We used a wordpress plugin called “Smart Maintenance Mode” where our website was placed in a maintenance mode for 7 days. We were able to list a personal message about our website being on close down while updates were progressing. Using this plugin has seriously dented our google search engine listings. Where we were listed top for many phrases (such as personalised balloons), we are now nowhere. I am sure we will return within the next few weeks, but instead of using this plugin use a 302 redirect. After a couple of days of returning online, we have moved the main balloon printing page to the main home page of this website. It is the most popular page and moving it to the home page will give it extra strength to recover from our week away from online activity.

Another issue for website owners to look out for is the “Auto renew feature” on purchases. I noticed that domain name register “reg123” auto charged me for some domain names I don’t use. They believe it’s OK to renew previous purchases without warning. The auto renew feature is set to default to on at time of purchase. They gave me a refund straight away when I sited to them that they should gave emailed me a week before auto-renewing any product. I only used the website name “”, for a small time whilst I was in dispute to the ownership of the name

best personalised balloons by post

Received a nice comment today:

Thank you very much, the balloons have arrived. I will let anyone I know who is having a function how good you service is.

Here’s a few more comments received from satisfied personalised balloons by post customers.  I save them under a folder called “happy customers” when I get a nice response.

Balloons arrived thank you they look fantastic and the children will love them

Thankyou for your wonderful efficiency and quick delivery, much appreciated receipt of goods earlier than expected, brilliant work.

Thanks and regards Kate

Many thanks, as the balloons arrived half an hour before the event started.. some speedy inflation required, but we’re really pleased!

thanks mate arrived today we will be in touch soon for more orders.

Balloons marvellous!

Thank you very much for excellent customer service Nick! You made my day!

just received the order and it’s fab. Thanks very much for the quick turn around,

I recently purchased some balloons from you and was hugely satisfied with them – my issue is I cannot remember your website URL and cannot find anywhere on my PayPal receipt where this information may be available! I have a couple of friends interested in buying some of their own so if you could direct me to the correct address I would be very grateful.

Thank you, I have got them now and they are wonderful!

We have indeed – And they are great. Thanks Nick!

Received the balloons today, very happy thank you so much for all your help with them, greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your email, CityLink missed us twice because I was out, not to worry though I went and collected it from their depot office yesterday. I wanted to say thank you so much for such prompt delivery and we are really really pleased with our balloons, they look brilliant 🙂 Our balloon ‘Save the Dates’ are going to be so unique!

1000 personalised balloons by post in 3 days & “no-one else comes close”… really ???

We have provided Avon Lodge Vets with personalised balloons on a few occasions now. Recently were asked to provide a re-print of their logo with the location of their two practices underneath the logo. We searched for a similar looking font, sent the client a couple of drafts. They choose for the following print:

A white balloon was requested with an ink colour similar to their website colour. Once a design had been selected we were able to print and get to the courier in under 2 hours. We are a balloon printing company in the Midlands with our own printing facilities and also have connections to the biggest balloon printers in the UK. We also have a massively popular balloon printing website. Working closely with the worldwide balloon suppliers means orders can be turned around in record times. Our aim is to print and dispatch same day once artwork is approved. Our aim is to get your balloons within 3 days including delivery times.

Free balloon printing artwork enhancements and designs

We never charge for the artwork enhancements or changes. If something is needed to be added to a logo, just ask. We understand businesses may not have software packages and time to make designs changes. We can locate similar fonts and add contact details to existing artwork. We aim to offer the best personalised balloons by post service.

personalised balloons by post  – “No-one else comes close”

It was brought to my attention that a balloon printing company in the midlands recently wrote online that “

No one else comes close

”. This was in reference to the speed and service offered to printing balloon services in the midlands.  From my experience of working with balloon printing companies around the UK and Europe, the majority of them have very fast efficient turnarounds and all of them are rated very closly. They all can print and delivery within hours of receiving the artwork. We ourselves can sometimes match ‘printing and delivery speeds’ offered by those claiming to be better than everyone else. Having printing facility access to us across the UK actually means we can get

balloon printing

nearer to where customers need them.  This cuts down on transportation times meaning balloons can get delivered quickly.  However this may not always be true. Sometimes we may actually be slower and so we are not going to claim that “no-one else comes close” to print and delivery speeds that we sometimes offer. We do promote heavily that we
print and delivery around 3 days from receiving correct artwork. If we truth been known, nearly all our printing work gets printed and on the courier in under 24 hours from receiving printable artwork.

Only one balloon printing machine in the Midlands? – Really?

There are also claims on a website that there is only one company in the midlands with a balloon printer. This is also inaccurate. There’s a few more printers in the midlands including our own printing facilities. In fact, the midlands actually has more balloon printers compared with a lot of other parts of the UK. Providing personalised balloons by post across the UK is very competitive.

What claims should we make about personalised balloons by post?

In business it’s good to have USP’s. Unique selling points to identify what makes a company different to every one else. Our USP’s are not the quick speedy services. Everyone within the industry could potentially claim this. Our uniqueness is within our popular simple online ordering process. The way we communicate with our customers via our website. Main features include :

  • A highly rated within search engines
  • Simple, easy to use and order (follows amazon / ebay style of quick, click, upload and order)
  • Customers don’t have to speak to anyone
  • Works on mobile, tablet and PC
  • personalised balloons by post – No retail shop

Whilst there are other websites that enable balloon printing ordering online, we feel they offer a different approach to ordering online (such as more advanced e.g. online design) or websites that are not as popular as ours. With year on year growth, we know the website is the right unique approach.

Are we bothered by what people say about personalised balloons by post, especially in the midlands?

Not really. While we do like to set the records straight, It’s really silly to claim USP’s as speed and quickness. Every balloon printing company is doing or claiming the same type of service. USP’s have to be something that is totally unique. We also know that claims on a lesser popular website won’t detract away from our regular and new customer focus. After all we know the following to be true :

  • Our website performs amazing well in terms of finding customers and converting to sales. We generate online sales every single week thanks to our specialised online ordering process.
  • We are increasing orders whilst others printed balloons websites are declining or failing in popularity
  • There are only around 8 printed balloon websites that really work in the UK. We are one of them.
  • We have made a huge impact in the online printing balloon market over the last 5 years
  • Our blogs are published correctly and optimised to work. Others fail on this.
  • We hear the gossip of other balloon printing companies. (it’s amazing who we know)

Just how powerful are our personalised balloons by post website?

We have highlighted within this article that our powerful website is a great USP. Within this article we have used the phrase “

balloon printing no-one else comes close

”. Typying this phrase into google will now display us at the first result (underneath advertisements and paid listings). Our USP.

balloon decorator article in the Daily Mail

Great article on balloon power. We attended a training day by

balloon power

and Lucy Hennessy in Walsall several years ago. Highly recommended

personalised balloon

decorator and balloon teacher.

Personalised photo balloons disappear from the Funky Pigeon website

The Funky Pigeon website has removed photo personalised balloons from their website. The photo balloon range was promoted heavily on their website throughout 2014. For a period of time they issued a 50% promo code via hot UK deals. Funky pigeon was frequently mixed in with the search engine results when users typed “balloon printing”. We first noticed the balloon printing department being removed in May 2014 and search engines dropped listings soon after.

Sometimes balloons aren’t the best promotional product

I received this message via the website today

I would like to speak to a manager, Please!

You can telephone me on 01xxxxxx, or email me a contact number.

Many Thanks

Penrith Freegle

I phoned them straight away thinking it was urgent. When they answered, they asked me if I wanted to donate some personalised balloons to their charity for free. It was for a charity who were against landfill and wanted to promote re-cycling. One thought comes to mind.

What happens when you finish with the balloons from our balloon printing waste bin?

Surely your not going to throw them in the bin to add more landfill!

They didn’t get my donation!

Areas that have frequent user returns to our personalised balloons by post service.

It’s quite easy to find out areas in the UK that have repeat visits to this website from the same computer.  This could be due to people visiting the website a number of times before ordering, member of the personalised balloons industry keeping an eye on this website or regular balloon blog readers.  Google Analytic records new visits for each area. Areas that display a low new visit percentage mean I get repeat visits from the same computer. Here the list of areas that have frequent user returns looking at our balloon printing website.












West Malling



















Newcastle upon Tyne










Royal Leamington Spa










All receiving great personalised balloons by post.

The Great Arabian Balloon Adventure

 5-11 October 2014  |  Novotel Dubai Al Barsha  |  Dubai

Join balloon artists, decorators, twisters and retailers from around the world, at the first Great Arabian Balloon Adventure.  A perfect blend of business and pleasure, in one of the world’s most spectacular cities, it’s the must-go event for balloon art pioneers – from the complete beginner to the seasoned professional.

Register before 25th May and get your early-bird discount of £50

A balloon art event like no other:

  • Learn cutting-edge skills and innovative techniques in classes run by world-renowned balloon artists.
  • Showcase your balloon artistry talents in our large sculpture competition.  A chance to win a fabulous first prize of £3,000.
  • Network with the balloon i
    ndustry’s most creative and progressive thinkers.  Share daring new ideas.  Be inspired.
  • Enjoy your free time exploring fabulous Dubai.  Shop till you drop, soak up the sun, see the sights – all from the doorstep of your luxury hotel.

Register before 25th May and get your early-bird discount of £50

  • Exceptional value.  Option to pay by instalments over 6 months, pays £95.84 per month or early-bird rate of £525.00. Both payment options includes:-
  • Opening ceremony
  • 3 days of classes
  • Downloadable class notes
  • Convention ‘Goodie bag’
  • Lunch and coffees
  • Traditional Dubai Gala Brunch with Competition awards ceremony.

So join us at The Great Arabian Balloon Adventure in breath-taking Dubai.  Learn new creative and business skills, make new contacts, discover a whole new culture.  Boost your personalised balloons business – register today

We hope to see you there.

Kind regards, The Great Arabian Balloon Adventure Team

balloon releases

I’ve just read an article on Worcester news website. I’ve added my comments on the website.

UK wedding planners advised being more creative with invitations. How about personalised balloons by post?

I’m back in touch with the PR company we used 3 years ago. PRWEB was used to distribute a number of releases. They are world renowned. Probably the only PR company that I have had success from. Looking through their balloon related press releases, they have also been used by House Parti, kids party shop and partycare,  in the past. They are not cheap with some of the high end packaging costing nearly £400. However the benefits gained from the publicity could make it money well spent from the marketing budget. Here is one the press releases that we used last time :

Wedding planners have been advised to be more creative with their wedding invitations following a recent survey found the over 93% of people planning a wedding in the UK still use the traditional invitations to announce and invite guests to wedding day celebration. In other countries, the invitation has taken a creative fashion over the last few years with invites frequently printed on other products. Fridge magnets, airplane boarding passes, badges, key-rings,  video email, mouse-mats, balloons and  pens are known. It’s also common to receive a DVD with the invite printed on the disk and a filmed message when played.  A complete calendar can be produced with the correct date highlighted. A great idea if you’re sending out invites at the beginning of the year. There are even companies offering to  create an instant wedding e-invitations.  This is where on-line invitations can be  distributed and tracked.  A survey by online retailer

found products known as ‘save the date’ is popular in other countries but have failed to pick up the same pace in the UK .

The survey asked engaged couples How will you be inviting guests to your wedding? The results were :

93% Traditional card invite

3% Photo card

1% Postcard

1% Email


1%o Other

So why is the UK so traditional with the wedding invites? Some may see invite printing onto a key-ring to be “tacky”. Others may simply like good old British tradition. A bit like ‘Tennis at Wimbledon’. Maybe Wedding planners are not offering alternatives. Whatever the answer the Brits for the moment are sticking with the tradition.

About personalised balloons by post

Custom UK provides customised wedding products including personalised helium balloons, custom banners, printed ribbon and save the date products from its online website

 About this press release : 

This press release has been released to a number of agencies and has been picked up reported across the world  by a number of internet agencies. Here are some of the websites that have re-produced the content I sent out :

Dillon Thoms tries to ban balloon releases

Dillon Thoms has tried to ban balloon releases. All seems insignificant when he jets around in those bird-killing machines called aeroplanes and travels in a dirty fueled car. Using the correct balloons has little or no effect on wildlife. Made from a rubber plant, the correct balloons are degradeable. Here is our conversation on facebook.



: Please stop promoting latex balloon release as eco-friendly. Released latex balloons are litter even without ribbon, valves or attachments.

personalised balloons by post

: Dillon, Balloon releases carried out correctly have no effect on the environment in the UK. You are scare-mongering. The car you drive and the plane you fly on has HUGE effects on wildlife. If you r
eally want to make a change to this planet, tackle the real issues!


: How am I spreading false rumours? A latex balloon, even one released without ribbon, string or plastic valve will fall back to Earth once it either deflates or bursts at altitude. This is fact and can not be explained away by NABIA or NABAS statements.

I have a thousand banana peels I would like to dump on your lawn but it should be okay with you because they will decompose. My facts are correct. Please tell me, Important Occasions, why you think that just because something decomposes it is not litter?

personalised balloons by post

: I have a compost bin, I would love it if you gave me 1000 banana peels. I would add some latex balloons as well as these would decompose as well proving they are not litter,

Latex is made from a rubber plant. Yes a plant. That means the correct latex balloon used for balloon releases will burst into small pieces at the correct altitude and then decompose after reaching the earth. We don’t realised personalised balloons as they contain ink. It’s not litter, it’s a natural product that we de-compose. A foil crisp packet is litter. Foil balloons is litter. I really wish you guys start to work with the balloon industry to get your fact correct rather than attack us all the time with incorrect information. Tell me

Dillon Thoms

..Have you ever flown on a plane before??? Now there’s something that kills wildlife.


: Please check my information: A latex balloon is not 100% latex. Latex balloons contain pigments and coagulants. The raw plant latex has been vulcanised by either a heat or chemical curitive process. Vulcanisation of raw latex produces a more durable product and is generally irreversible. Referring to a thusly manufactured latex balloon as completely natural and as degradable as raw latex is disingenuous.

personalised balloons by post

: Why are you so aggressive? Wouldn’t you be better working with the balloon industry rather than fighting it??


: Not being aggressive and I have corresponded with balloon manufactures regarding practical solutions to the litter question. I welcome the suggestion to do more with the industry. Starts with finding common ground. To me, that means coming to a consensus on whether it is acceptable to place (dispose of) something into the environment even if it is deemed biodegradable.

And yes, I have a car and use commercial air travel. I ride my bike as often as possible to lessen my impact. That’s my point, there are many simple things we all can do. Not littering is one of them.

personalised balloons by post

: We don’t fly in planes and we use electric cars for our businesses. I do believe the way you live your life has a considerably greater effect on the environment and to wildlife compared to ours. Sort your own life out before telling people how to live there life. If you ban balloons, it will have little or no effect on the wildlife. If you cut air travel by 1% it would have a huge effect on wildlife. You should look at the bigger picture

Dillon Thoms

and stop flying planes for a start!


: A final word from a member of the balloon industry: “Here is an undeniable fact: Although hand tied latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, they are still litter and do pose a potential threat to marine animals, seabirds and land animals. This cannot be disputed. As far as the incorrect bleating of some (including The Balloon Council) as to the lack of documented incidents regarding latex balloons doing wildlife damage -sorry- but there does exist direct evidence of latex balloons being ingested by marine animals. This argument though, is as ludicrous as it is irresponsible. To try and cite the lack of “incidents” to justify illegal littering for the sake of profit is as unethical as it is direct denial. To analogize this point; I can’t justify throwing my paper cup into the ocean just because “it is biodegradable”. There is also quite a difference, to the public, between a private citizen releasing a memorial balloon and a balloon company releasing them for profit. In the end, anyway, they both are still illegal litter.

If anything, you might hope the balloon industry, especially manufactures and their “councils”, might try to look beyond the short term profit and look to the long term damage to the industry and the perception of the public if the continued endorsement of balloon releases is allowed to go on.“

personalised balloons by post

: Yet again, you argue the case that some balloons have killed wildlife and therefore you want to ban balloons but totally ignore my questions and my points raised. If you wish to have a debate start to read what I type and consider not to jet off around the world in bird killing machines called airplanes. My carbon footprint is considerably better than yours and you probably need look at your own lifestyles.


: I don’t want to ban balloons because they have killed wildlife. I have no interest in a ban on balloons. I want people to stop releasing them outdoors because this creates litter. I think it’s great that you use electric cars and choose not to fly in airplanes. As I said, I try to reduce my impact every way I can. Not littering is one of the things I can easily do. If balloon retailers would suggest balloon arches and balloon drops to customers who want a balloon release we would all be better off. You have not answered my question about littering with degradable items. Why do you think it’s acceptable that thousands of latex balloons get released outdoors? Because they eventually go away? Is this your reasoning?

personalised balloons by post

: Why do you want people to do what you want? Shouldn’t you just voice your opinion and let people make up their own minds ? I knew someone who wanted to release 10 white balloons in memory of their friend who died in a house fire. The balloons had no ribbon or plastic valves and used 100% bio-degradeable balloons. It wouldn’t have harmed wildlife and it was a beautiful touch to a very difficult time for the family. Compared to your car and airplane pollution trips it was hugely insignificant, and it meant a lot to the relatives. The correct balloons degrade. The fuel pumping out your plane trips does not degrade. A BIG difference. Because balloons have such little wildlife effect, and are used as a mark of respect, I see them as very relevant.

If you wish to communicate with Dillon Thoms, contact him via his twitter or facebook :

To follow my discussion with Dillon Thoms,

Or maybe we should send him some personalised balloons by post.

   Balloon Printing Coventry

For more on our balloon printing services for Coventry, visit the personalised balloons by post webpage.

Balloon decoration news for Coventry Annoncement :

personalised balloons by post are currently not offering on-site balloon decoration services. P
lease contact one of the following balloon companies who can assist with decorating your event.

Companies in the Coventry & Warwickshire area providing balloon decor

Balloons of Coventry

Lets Balloon Around

Giant Party & Balloon Company

Creative Balloons

Coventry Balloons

Free Iindex

Thomson local



OLD WEBPAGE is for reference only. Currently, we are not offering these services but personalised balloons by post are still available.

Visit the following webpage for personalised balloons by post

We have contacts in certain areas of the midlands (UK) who can provide on-site balloon decoration work. Re-nowned for their quality and experience, you’ll find we only use the best in the area. Ideal for weddings, school balls, christenings, product promotions, in-fact any type of events that needs to look like a party is happening. Balloon decorating services have been largly used in America for a number of years and have transferred to the UK over the last 20 years with a proliferation of companies offering Balloon training courses inclusing the online balloon training company. If you have been on a Balloon training course, leave your reviews on our balloon training review page. To order balloon decorators online, choose from either the Coventry button or the Nuneaton button above. Alternatively, choose from one of the alternative websites from below.

The simple way to buy your balloon decoration package and delivered to your site. Get the party looking perfect with our balloon decorator experts adding impressive displays to your event. Aiming to give Coventry stunning quality balloon displays. Order on-line and we will arrange on-site balloon decotrators from the Coventry area to setup and deliver to site. The balloon decorators we use work in the Coventry or Warwickshire area are are fully trained balloon decorators. Select the amount of balloon displays you require and we will contact Qualatex trained local quality decorators. They arrive shortly before your party starts to setup amazing balloon displays for your event. Ideal for your birthday, wedding celebrations, traditional balls, business celebrations, holy communion meals, charity balls, Christmas parities, School celebrations, business exhibitions and more. Select the date, balloon colours and balloon package for your party. Balloon displays with helium gas last around 10 hours and access before the party starts is important. We make ordering so simple without the complex jargon for areas CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, CV5, CV6 and CV7. For Weddings in Walsgrave or Wyken, Christenings in Coundon or Kersley, Birthdays in Binley or Brandon, we can get the place decorated with on-site balloon decorators. WARNING : Balloon decorations take up a lot of room and are not easily transportable once inflated. Make sure you send our decorating teams to the site where the balloons are required for a prefect looking display. This product is most popular for balloon decoration at Weddings celebrations and School Proms / University Balls.

Adding great décor for parties with balloons Coventry & Warwickshire

Balloon decoration definitions :

Table decorations : Three balloons filled with helium and tied with ribbon and a weight. All the table displays look identical giving a great display when viewed from a distance

Floor decorations : Five balloons filled with helium and tied with longer ribbon and held down with a weight.

Balloon Arch :  A number of balloons filled with helium and attached to very thin flexible wire. Each end is tied to a weigh to create an arch effect. Usually placed on a top table for a wedding meal or around a stage to add focus to the main area.

Cloud 9 Balloons :  Nine balloons twisted together, filled with helium and hung with fine wire to resemble a floating cloud. The top balloons is inflated inside a large clear balloon. Popular at Weddings in Coventry as a set of three clouds hung beind the top table.

Balloon gas / Helium : Inflation equipment is used to inflate the balloons with helium (also known as balloon gas). Latex balloons stay floating for around 10 hours. Balloon decorators need to attend on site before your party starts to ensure the balloons look their best. The size of the balloon will get smaller over the 10 hours as the helium escapes the balloon.

Balloon Ribbon : Balloon ribbon is added to the neck of the balloon and tied to a weight. The ribbon ends are curled to give a completed finish. The ribbon colour complements the balloon colour.

personalised balloons by post :  Simple – personalised balloons by post.

Example of balloon decorations in Coventry

Its now printed balloons for Coventry & Warwickshire

Balloon decoration packages are most commonly used for Wedding decor in Coventry. The table decorations are scattered around the room and the top table can be enhanced with a balloon archway or cloud nine display. The balloon colours complement the wedding theme.

Warwickshire and Coventry personalised balloons by post checklist

Tablecloths, Table Confetti, Flowers, Bubbles, Throw away cameras, Balloon walkers, Colouring book to keep young children occupied, Entertainment / Disco,

The second most popular party for adding balloons in Coventry is the Christening. Usually balloons are pink, blue and white and quite a soft tone colour. With a large amount of schools and two major universities in Coventry (Warwick and Coventry), Spring and Christmas time see a number of balls which need serious balloon decoration work. Lots of table balloon displays and an archway are around the stage area.

Great Venues in Coventry & Nuneaton for adding balloons Decor

personalised balloons by post

If your wanting some great venues in Coventry and Warwickshire to book your party, then consider, Coombe Abbey Coventry, Nailcote Hall, Royal Court, Stoneleigh Park, Western Hall Hotel, Manor Hotel Meriden, Windmill Village Hotel and The Maudsley Coventry. Important Occasions have displayed balloon decoration work all over the Coventry area since 2003. Here are just some of the great venues we have worked at in the Coventry area :

Complement your personalised balloons by post with these other Coventry & Warwickshire supplying services

Balloons in the local Coventry newspapers


Working with printed balloons in Coventry & Warwickshire ?

Calling Coventry & surroungin area Balloon Decorators : If your are a balloon decorator in Coventry or Watwickshire and want to accept work from our orders, please contact us. It’s free to join and we simply pass on the work  to yourself and forward payment via paypal. is working with the best balloon decoration companies in the Coventry area to create stunning displays. The days of buying from a balloon shop are disappearing. Todays army of balloon decoartors work from a home and company vechicle and are booked online.

Important Occasions is the online store to buy balloon printing services, custom banners and balloon decoration services for Coventry.