Personalised Balloons in a box

Get Personalised have been busy adding products and new features to the website. Here we go with a few updates including the personalised balloons in a box update.

Personalised Balloons in a box update – Personalised balloons delivered in a box

personalised balloons is our core product. Balloon printing onto latex and foil balloons. We have stated to add an option onto the 18″ foil balloons. To have them delivered inflated as a gift. We are also added our printed balloons next day delivery service on these products of ordered in the morning.

What is Personalised Balloons in a box ?

Balloon monkey is a company that specialise in balloon in a box products. Their Personalised section start from £22 and involve uploading a photo so they can be printed onto a photo balloon. A photo balloon is a folded balloon that resembles the size of an A3 piece of paper. It’s inserted into an A3 printer. The top layer of the balloon is paperlike and the A3 printer (usually canon or Epson inkjet) treats the balloon as a sheet of card. Once the printing has been competed, the balloon is infolded to resemble a balloon shape ready for helium to be added.

At the moment we don’t offer balloon photos, but we do print onto existing designs additional names. This process is simpler, cheaper and the quality of the balloon looks better (in our opinion). One of aims is to offer cheap personalised balloons and balloon in the boxes prices commit to this service. The problem with photo balloons is the inkjet printer. They print darker than the actual picture. Their website offers a lot of extras to add to the personalised balloon. These include adding extra balloons, chocolates, gifts and talking messages. Balloon monkey have been around for years and have focused on the balloon in a box market. Over the years they also have noticed, like moonpig and funkeypigeon that there is an appetite for personalisation within gift products.

New Personalised designs for Personalised Balloons in a box

For some time now, we have been looking to improve our range of personalised designs. After looking for a company to design some templates for us, we accidentally stumbled across a couple of websites that offer standard designs at a very cheap price.

Creative market offer thousands of designs, fonts and styles (usually in photoshop file types) that can be purchased and edited. Searching for the wedding design, for example, will bring up a huger array of designers work. Some of the designers also publish their products for a cheaper price at Graphic river. A couple of examples I have purchased include :

Logo / Badge / Insignia Templates Bundle from Cruzine 2

45 Vintage Labels & Badges Logos Bundle by design district mx

33 Trendy Retro Vintage Insignias Bundle Volume 3 by mining

Banners & Curls by Mels Brushes

Anniversary Logo Template by Room design shop

These designs are in the process of being altered to feature a celebration design and will be available for balloon printing very soon.

New 18″ foil balloon offerings.

We have a new array of foil balloons that can have a design added. These include  personalised hen party balloons,personalised wedding balloons uk,personalised birthday balloons delivered, personalised baby girl balloons and personalised baby boy balloons.

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Our new range can be purchased individually and will be promote our personalised balloons no minimum commitment.

The Personalised Balloons Bounce

The slider on the home page has been updated to include personalised picture frames and the balloons now bounce around.

New menu system

The blue menu on the home page has been replicated across most pages on the website. Titled as “get personalised shop”, this should assist users on the website and standardise the site to make pages more familiar. The blue borderline is easy on the eye compared to ther menu systems we have been using.

Wining on Google

I set this website up originally to focus on personalised balloon in a box products, personalized hen party balloons, personalised birthday balloons, personalised big number balloons and a few other specialised personalised products. I did this because I wanted to hit very specific markets. I believed that trying to win very specific areas of personalised printing would mean I could target those keywords on google easier than targeting the more general phrase of “personalised balloons”. How wrong I was. The phrase “personalised balloons” has exceeded all my expectations and lists higher than my more specific keyword phrases. When typing “personalised balloons” into google, we get listed at position number 5.  Just below ebay, party packs, party delights but beating signature balloons, partyrama, the balloon shop and our old friend important occasions.

This goes some way to explaining our analytics visitor graph recently :

Never did I believe we could achieve this above our more specific keyword searches. One area we have failed on is the phrase “printed balloons”. We are not listed anywhere for this phrase.

What Devices people use to search for balloon in a box?


Here’s the evidence taken from our data teams.

More people are using mobile phones than desktop computers to access our website. Tablets are still somewhat behind. The question now is, has mobile phone and desktop usage levelled out or will we see a bigger increase in mobile phone usage. One thing for sure if building websites nowadays, build them for mobile viewing more than desktop computer viewing!