Personalised Balloons

Welcome to the world of personalised balloons.

We supply balloons with personalised writing. Available in ink or and glitter is added to number shaped balloons. Other shaped balloons are sometimes available. Alternative balloon printing companies, however, supply more traditional types of personalised balloons. This includes screen printing. Here’s a look at other offerings around the UK and the world for personalised balloons.

The personalised balloons experience

Warning – some of this blog page relates to personalised balloons that are no longer available from our shop. We currently offer hand-written personalised balloons and not the screen printed personalised balloons. mentioned.

Printing messages, designs and logos to create your personalised balloons. Great for named celebration and product marketing. For logos select the personalised foil balloons option. Attaching an electronic file copy to the order enables our artwork team to enhance the design for printing in one colour ink onto a balloon.

If you are after printed words, choose our message on a balloon option. This option allows text to be typed with the on-line order. The type of font to print can also be chosen from a selection of over 20 fonts. Our third custom balloon option is a mix of the two combinations, where text and message on a balloon from a supplied logo and message is printed. The text can printed anywhere around the logo, above, below, beside or a combination of all. If you have your own design for a wedding or celebration, then use the logo on balloon option. If a photo is rqeuired on the balloon, have a look at our birthday retro style balloon including a photo balloon. This is where we have a retro style design balloon with a clipped image of the birthday person placed onto the top area of the balloon to created a very special personalised balloon. Our final option is the ever-growing supply of balloon designs where the words can be changed to create a personal balloon. Choose from wedding, birthday, new birth, hen party, save the date and marry me titles. All our personalised balloons are printed neck down unless specified. Neck down means the design will read the correct way round when the printed balloon is held with the neck is nearest the floor. Most personalised balloons are printed this way. The opposite is neck up. Only request neck up if the custom balloon are to be hung from a ceiling and filled with air to hang down with the neck part of the custom balloon nearest the ceiling. Any designs sent to us must be copyright free or copyright owned. We are unable to print designs, logos and brands that are not registered by yourself. The minimum order for personalised balloons is 25 units.

The more units ordered, the cost per balloon decreases. Personalised balloons uses a special elastic ink onto the latex balloon. This causes the ink to stretch when the custom balloon is inflated. The latex balloons used are made by Belbal. Belbal are industry known for being a high quality balloon. They are designed for weddings and product promotions as the overall size is usually larger and the colours are stronger. Cheaper personalised balloons can be purchased but offer a inferior quality and a smaller size. When choosing balloon colours, consider colour harmonies. This involves looking at a colour wheel and choosing colours that are either on opposite sides of the wheel, next to each other or equal distance apart. Another idea for balloon colours is to select shades. Three different shades of one colour or even one white balloon and two shades of a colour. Visit the tiger colour harmonies website for a great explanation on colour matching.

For non personalised balloons, visit the Party Delights website and search for balloons. Huge selection of party balloons available.

There are a few ideas when thinking about artwork and inks as well. The best results with ink colours, try to use black or white ink colours that contrast with the balloon colour. Red balloons works well with white ink as shown in the video clip below. When it comes to artwork we convert the image to a single colour. This single colour image can be inverted to provide a bigger impact. This is where the ink and non-inked areas are swapped.

On the left hand side, our basic logo in black ink. The right side shows a customized imaged inverted so the logo is shown as the colour of the balloon with the previous clear part of the logo (the box around the words) now shown in ink. Our most popular printing on balloons option is the logo print. More recently we have seen a demand for wedding invitations on a balloon (also known as “save the date” products). Love lio websites has more ideas for save the date products including a picture example of a customized balloon. Popular around valentines day is the request to print around 50 personalised balloons with “Will you marry me” printed on them. How sweet..

Get personalised balloons delivered in 3 days for UK orders

Its takes around a week to get helium personalised balloons delivered from your balloon order. This gives us time to enhance artwork, build the screens, complete the print process and get the delivery completed. There is also an option to turn around work quicker when ordering online (around 3 days) with our three day personalised balloons service. Extra charges will apply for this service and subject to supplied artwork being submitted correctly. To get helium personalised balloons delivered in 3 days (from when the artwork for printing has been approved acceptable) then select this option on the delivery page. Artwork requirements – On our ordering page there is an option to attach a file for the artwork. We can receive most artwork file types with the most popular being pdf, jpg, tiff and png. Please remember to send original good quality large artwork files. If you having a problem with artwork, we can sometimes enhance features and improve personalised balloons designs. We will also confirm changes with yourself before starting the print process. Please do not send word processor files (.doc). This type of file does not always store the font information. When we open up the file it will apply alternative font types that may look very different to your personal design. Pdf files also sometimes display alternative fonts. PNG or JPG is best. You can always send us a number of ideas and we can draft up a small design from your description. It is possible to send us a photograph to personalise a balloon. The best way to describe this personalised balloons process is to draw a picture using one felt tip colour pen only. Our artwork teams will enhance the photo best suited for a one colour print. Please bear in mind that printing photographs in one colour will change the look of the print. We will email you a print proof before printing on balloons. To enhance the picture, we strip away the background and change and convert the remaining to a black and white image. We print onto high quality 12″ latex balloons made by Belbal. We are here to help with the artwork issues. A high percentage of printing artwork submitted is usually two small or of poor quality. We will advise on artwork quality before sending it to the print teams. Artwork checking and in some cases enhancements are all included in our standard price and we will not request extra charges for your personalised balloons. We always personalise your balloons using silk screen printing. There is a cheaper alternative called litho printing. The results however display a poorer print edge quality and a non even colour distribution. Our belief is helping for customer get the quality print production they need. The standard method to measure a personalised balloon size is by the diameter of the balloon. This is the largest point around the personalised balloon when fully inflated. Our online shop is safe. We use high quality secure companies and software to protect your details. Our website is hosted in the UK and our payment provide is paypal who have extra securities to protect the consumer. As well as using high quality balloons, we have a history or in working on the party and personalised balloons industry. Our original company provided balloons and a childrens party organising service around the Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester areas. Originally known as Small important people (we liked the name) we room personalised the room and run parties for kids. Visiting village halls, hired hotel rooms, school sports halls and large homes to provide the most decorated parties in the midlands. We noticed during the parties that parents liked personalisation.  Especially personalised balloons.  We projected the child’s name onto a screen, spelt the birthday name out in inflatables and personalised balloons. Being very different our work was highlighted in an article in the Coventry evening telegraph titled Big party fun for small ones. The company expanded to supply large balloon decorations for Weddings, Colleges, Schools and University balls following completion of a number of Qualatex Balloon training courses. An amount of this work requested customized printing on balloons. The personalised printing part of the company developed and we became an online party and balloon shops in coventry. We have always identified the internet as underdeveloped for a lot of the party industry and whilst books, music and holidays boomed on the e-commerce front, balloon decorators were still trying to sell from town shops. We decided therefore to concentrate our efforts from word or mouth and the websites we have built. The combination of the two means we have to offer great customer service at competitive pricing.

Wedding, birthday and Christening personalised balloons

If you don’t have a design, have a look out our designs that can be re-worded for your event. We have personalised birthday balloons, personalised wedding balloons, personaised marry me balloons, personalised new born balloons, personalised hen party balloons and personalised save the date balloons.

Single Printed personalised balloons

For individual single personalised balloons, delivered in a box. visit Bizzy Balloons. Bizzy balloons provide a UK delivery service for individual foil balloons, inflated with helium, packaged with ribbon and delivered in a decorative box. Choose from hundreds of designs and balloon shapes. A photo balloon option is also available with Bizzy balloons to create a personalised helium balloon. This is where a picture and wording can be added to create the perfect printed balloon for a celebration surprise. Only foil balloons are offered on this printed service as the helium inflation time is around two weeks. The higher quality of the printed balloon will mean a greater chance of the foil printed balloon being delivered in an inflated state. For more about single personalised helium balloons, visit the Bizzy Balloons website.

Promotional Party Personalised Balloons UK

Our most popular balloon print is for promotional balloons. Companies that promote their logo whilst also brightening up an event. The majority of our promotional work is requested for a 3 day turnaround. I think balloons are sometimes the final item to order or an afterthought. Sometimes companies attend a promotional and suddenly feel that “promotional balloons will make us stand out more”. As the request for fast turnaround work has increased, we have made every effort to get printed promotional balloons delivered as quickly as possible.

Deliver areas for personalised balloons in the UK

All the big UK places (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry…) and all the smaller places too (Lout, Beverley, Framingham). In fact anywhere in the UK. Please remember to add any instructions when ordering to offices or homes that may be a little hard to locate. We like to help the couriers.

Logos and designs can be printed once on each balloon or for more impact we can duplicate the print twice. The designs are printed in the same ink colour throughout the balloon. With printed twice balloons, the same design is printed on each side of the balloon.

Alternative companies offering personalised balloons in the UK.

personalised balloons uk

Talking Balloons forpersonalised balloons

personalised balloons UK

Folkdean for personalised balloons

The balloon Shop forpersonalised balloons

Party Balloon City forpersonalised balloons

personalised balloons in the USA

Hull Party personalised balloons forpersonalised balloons

Zoom Party personalised balloons personalised balloons

Cafe press personalised balloons

Party Balloon house personalised balloons

Custom personalised balloons

Balloon imprinters

The environmental issues for personalised balloons

Latex is a natural product made from a liquid extracted from a type of rubber tree. The balloons we use for personalised printing degrade in less than 12 months and do not affect the environment. The marine conservation society brought the attention to the world to the dangers of inflating personalised balloons and ribbon causing deaths to animals following incorrect materials being used on balloon releases. If your personalised balloons are being used for releases please please please follow the industry code of conduct as highlighted by Apia (the balloon & party industry alliance) The code basically requests that nothing is attached to the customized balloon except for official labels. Ribbon is not attached to the printed balloon. Only latex balloons, official balloon printed race labels that decompose quickly and helium is used. The correct balloons are designed to rise only a few miles before bursting into very small fragments. The small fragments are small enough not to cause harm to wildlife and will eventually decompose. For the correct kit visit BOC gases and balloon release packs. Foil personalised balloons must never be released into the skies. Neither should latex balloons with foil ribbon. The Orange & Rockland Pike County light and power company in America have a foil printed balloon awareness page on their website highlighting the dangers to when the personalised balloons become tangled up with electric pylons. The UK has less a problem as the printed balloon associations heavily promote to balloon sellers the importance of environmental issues to prevent electric outages and bad publicity for the industry. American news outlets have seen a number of requests to ban such balloons including the LA times which headlined in 2008 the request to ban mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are another name for foil balloons, There have also been concerns in the news in the past about using helium for parties when it’s needed for medical use (World helium reserves are running out, Nobel laureate claims). The argument has died down since it was established that it is a different grade of the gas and balloon gas does not effect the supply for more urgent matters. The BBC also ran an article on helium balloons in November 2013 concluding the helium usage in balloons worldwide is so insignificant, banning it would yield lttle change. Like any other resources; concerns are raised when the gas is thought to have less than twenty years supply left, but the news disappears when new reserves are found. On another important point I was watching the film hot shots last night. At one point of the film, three of the main characters were inhaling a non-customized balloon filled with helium. A warning on the screen appeared stating not to do this. It is true that inhaling helium could cause suffocation as helium squeezes parts of the air pipes together causing the voice of change. Whilst the chances of suffocation are slim, the warning have started to appear in this litigious world has people have died as a result of inhaling too much. There are considerably more warning on helium canisters as the volume is greater here than in balloons. Always be safe with customized balloons. For more on helium balloons visit the how stuff works website. Although balloons are designed to burst after a few miles in the air, a team from America designed a space balloon that managed to travel 17 miles high before bursting. The onboard video equipment captured the event.


This guy explains why momentum on a helium causes it to swing in a different direction compared to other objects. Brilliant watch.

Order this personalised birthday balloon with Photo

Transcript of personalised balloons Photo Video:

So we are going to place a number of shapes onto our design and we are going to round the edges off with a number of circles. We are also going to place a circle in the centre. of the page. This is going to be the main focal point. Inside the circle we are going to create a design using image tricks (a piece of software by delight). We have a couple of strips of colour and then we click the Kaleidoscope setting, change the options on the bottom left hand side (of the software application) to get it to a retro style look for our design. This design will bcomes a “Happy 50th Birthday” balloon design, so it will be printed onto a balloon. Our personalised balloons process will only print in one colour. So we have to make sure our design will look really good on a single colour. A black ink on a white background. Then we will transfer that black ink onto a balloon. So lets get this retro design centre looking right. Just change a few more settings here and then we will also invert the colours so it will be a design we will like and look a lot better in the centre circle. So we will just transfer that across to the original design. Our original design is created using Serif (I meant to say Swift) Publisher 3. So we pull that there (the new design) into the centre circle. Below the centre circle, we are going to add some more shapes and a few more squares and a little bit more white area. We will also add a banner. On this banner, this is where we are going to say Trevor is 50. Trevor is our birthday boy. We will put in a retro style font to say Trevor is 50. There’s a few more white boxes on the bottom, so lets now add our banner. We are going to add our banner using clip art. We go back into image tricks (software app again), where we take a banner, strip the colour of it. Take off the white background so it’s a neutral background. We can then add this again to our main design. Next up it’s photograph time. This photograph is of Trevor. We will extract Trevor (graphically), using Photoshop elements. Take a picture of Trevors head and a little bit of his body. Extract that and put it into image tricks. Make it a black only ink look. Change the look of this. Now we have our banner, a picture of Trevor. Pull those into the original design and swift publisher. We’ve got the banners there, we have the circle. Just get Trevor in place and we’ll add some fonts saying Trevor is 50. Pull in the fonts and our wording. “Trevor is 50” and “birthday boy”. There’s our design good and done. And we just need to transfer this onto a balloon. Here it is, our orange balloon. Job Done. Trevor is 50

Writing on balloons is made easier with UNI posca pens. Balloons can be personalised  simply.

Writing on balloons with posca pens to create personalised balloons

They will write very easily on foil balloons and dry within a minute. Under a minute the ink can be wiped clean with paper towels. Whilst available in most vibrant colours, we used the black and white colours on a silver foil balloon for this example. The black ink to write the main lettering and the white colour used to enhance the letters.

Achieving results when writing on balloons for personalised balloons

Two errors can easily occur when writing on balloons. Differing letter sizes and smudging. Smudging is caused when dropping the lower part of the hand onto wet ink, or having ink mark accidentally wipe onto the balloon. If written at medium speed and quickly wiping marks away with a paper towel, the smudging can be prevented. The arrangement and size of the letters is achieved by creating a stencil of the required wording, then drawing an outline of the design. Usually using a thin marker to create a guide line. A thicker marker is then used to create our personalised balloons by enhancing the guide line. We use the 0.7mm pen to create the guide and complete the design with a 8mm and 2.5mm nibbed pens.

Ebay sellers that write on balloons for personalised balloons

There are a number of ebay sellers selling personalised balloons online. Many selling personalised balloons every day

Can “writing on balloons” be used with our “pictures on balloons” feature?

Balloon writing cannot be used with our photo balloons. Pictures on balloons used a different type of foil balloon.The printed section isn’t actual foil.  The photo is printed on to a paper fronted foil balloon. Therefore writing on balloons cannot be linked to our “balloons with photos printed on them” option.

I’ve started to put personalised balloon writing on ebay and they have started selling. Here’s some our work through ebay :

Well done to our marketing team. One of our goals was to hit the top spot for the phrasepersonalised balloons. Type the phrase “personalised balloons” into and we are positioned right underneath all the paid advertising on the search listings “Top Spot”

Alternative writing on a personalised balloon

Personalising balloons with glitter.

using glitter to create personalised balloons
using glitter to create personalised balloons
using purple glitter to create personalised balloons
using silver glitter to create personalised balloons
using black glitter to create personalised balloons
 glitter to create personalised balloons
silver glitter to create personalised balloons

2nd birthday for Alexa

3rd birthday balloon for Nneka

Alternative writing style now available

personalised balloons with disneys mickey mouse

We get requests to add something next to the personalised name on our balloon. This customer requested a Mickey Mouse character to create a mickey mouse balloon.

Emoji personalised balloon

We get requests to add something next to the personalised name on our balloon. This customer request 4 emojis to create the emoji balloon.

comment for personalsied balloons

I received two days ago, and thanks very much the balloon is beautiful just the way i wanted.

30th personalised birthday balloon

Balloons aren’t just for kids. 30th birthday balloons in gold and black writing.

personalised balloons
personalise balloons number 6 balloon

A couple of our personalised balloons created today were using blue ink on a silver balloon. We’ve curved the name on the number 6 balloon so the writing follows the shape of the number. Love the writing.

personalise balloons for Isabekke

Personalised balloon for Isabelle is on it’s way.

personalise balloons for Chloe

An alternative way to spell Chloe. We personalise balloons with any name.

Personalised balloons using silver glitter
Personalised balloons using silver glitter closeup
Personalised balloons using silver glitter including stars

Large number balloon 2 balloons for Bibienna. Personalised in glitter.

6th birthday personalised balloons

James has a personalised balloons coming his way. Its for his 6th birthday.

The time lapse video (above) displays our balloon writing process on a number 5 balloon for Ruby. We write the word on the balloon five times. On the 5th pass of writing the wording becomes a solid white.

If we only wrote on the balloon once (not five times as shown on the video), the writing balloon would look like this :
personalised birthday balloons in design

The wording look pinks and displays a lot of brush strokes. Further ink passes are required before we can get our finished look.

After a period of “drying time” in between each write of the balloon, we can apply more ink. After five passes of ink on the balloon, the writing becomes a solid white colour looks finished. This will complete our birthday personalised balloon process.

The finished personalised birthday balloon, inflated, looks like this.
personalised balloons completed

Gold personalised balloons
2nd Birthday personalised balloons

Gold and black. A fantastic colour combination for personalised balloons as shown in this 2nd birthday balloon for Lucia.

Found this on youtube… add your own designs onto your balloons. (If you have the time

DIY Painted Party Balloons – DIY Style – Martha Stewart

Found this helpful guide on youtube…. Glam up Your Party with These DIY Glitter Balloons for personalised balloons 🎉🎈🎊 –







Adding vinyl to balloons is becoming very popular. Many companies have picked up how this is cheaper and quicker than traditional personalised balloons. Time to put those sissix and cricut vinyl cutting machines to the test. Have a look at these videos on how balloon companies personalise balloons.

This guy from balloons online even adds vinyl transfer to 3ft latex balloons. Amazing!


Personalised foil balloons, using Glitter.

Glue is applied over a card stencil of our design. Glitter is poured onto the glued area before pouring off.  A Glitter name is left creating the perfect personalised balloon.

Most of the times, ebay customers give us some great positive feedback We get great positive comments fromreview sites. Most of them are 100% happy customers.:
Well most of them are. Other times we find we are unable to meet customers expectations. Whilst we try very hard to satisfy every purchase, sometimes we cannot please everyone. A very small number of customers have unrealistic expectations. Typically ask us to work for several hours for 99p.  Here we go with a couple of examples.

A compliant about the supply of a personalised sticker because we sent them two copies instead of one. . Most customers are complimentary that they receive an extra sticker free of charge. (we sometimes send out test runs for free).  They also said it was smaller than 30cm x 4cm stated and it was in two pieces of 15cm rather than one of 30cm.

We sent them a copy the ebay description that very clearly describes the service  :

This customer had asked us to print out a long sentence with no specification of size required. (Most requests are for two words). Stickers are cut or folded to get through letter boxes to keep costs down, The total cost of postage and product was less than £3.

Sometimes on ebay, we increase the price of item. One of the reasons is to slow down demand. On some of our Christmas personalised products, we increased the price as we were struggling to fulfil the 35 orders per day. One person didn’t like the price increase and let me know. They hadn’t brought anything from us but just wanted to let us know they were shopping elsewhere.

Ebayer “ever_rh3kujkh” decided to click the positive button, then type “Rubbish sticker wouldn’t recommend”. Whether he meant to click negative button followed by a negative comment or maybe it’s sarcastic I don’t know, but either way he kept our positive rating at 100%. Thank-you all the same.

Now and again we get a “lost in post” situation. Royal Mail let us down. Meganjessop1994 brought our products then sold them onto other customers for profit. She demanded a refund and made it clear we are to blame telling us they have “lost a lot of money.” because of our mistake (Royal Mail actually). They did actually receive our product but there was a 10 day delay due to a royal mail error . This wasn’t good enough. We did issue a refund. Customers do let out their frustration in emails.

Should companies talk and rate about customers online?  As customers talk and rate companies and sole-traders, it only makes it fair for companies to rate it’s customers. So here we go with pemberton33.  Ebay member pemberton33 doesn’t like us. She purchased two personalised balloons from us. She complained  about the quality of the balloons supplied. After a series of polite emails to try and turn an un-happy customer into a happy customer, we failed terribly. In the final communication pemberton33 asked us not to contact her again. She included the line “Two bloody balloons are not the total focus of my life”.  I suppose we are never going to please everyone, buy we will settle with 99.5% of our customers being happy. (ebay account data).

Here is a picture of the balloons we supplied.





We think they look great, but Caroline was not happy.We tried very hard to resolve the issues and put across our case but Caroline didn’t want to listen.
Here is how the email exchanges happened.
Customer emails are in orange text.
Hi. Just wanted to say these arrived on Saturday morning. I was a little disappointed with them to be honest. I know it says that they are hand painted but mine don’t look anything like the examples shown on the site. The white painting is fine but the pink is a completely different colour to the example show and the paint is a bit thin so you can see the brush strokes and everything. What a real shame as I was looking forward to receiving these. Thanks

I was disappointed to see you have given us negative feedback today on ebay. This is our first ever negative feedback received.

We work extremely hard to provide what we feel is the best hand-written balloons available on ebay. (not hand painted as your email suggested) . Our design, ink and drying process takes over and hour to produce each balloon. The cost we charge is more than fair for the amount of work that goes into produce each hand-written balloon.

I do hope that once the balloons are inflated and on display you might change your mind about the product. Even consider to ask other people for their opinon and then maybe consider to use the retract option on ebay to leave a more favourable comment. The picture you supplied us shows our hand-written balloon close up of a very high standard. We were very happy with the product we supplied you.

I’m afraid that I left negative feedback as I was disappointed with the quality of the product. I also, before posting, read your feedback reviews and most people were glowing. As far as I’m concerned if I’m unhappy with something I should be a liberty to say and indeed I had through a personal email to you earlier this week.

I never mentioned the cost although I do appreciate that you told me this to explain the work that goes into each balloon. My daughter’s birthday isn’t until July so I won’t have a chance before then to post positive feedback but as it stands I’m not overly delighted with what I received or to be honest even pleased!

You are indeed entitled to leave feedback. However your feedback is not representative.

I know you never mentioned the cost in your communication, however I brought the cost into discussion as the amount you pay for a service is very relevant to the quality of the product. After taking out ebay, paypal, postage and material costs, we charge £1.20 to write a name on the balloon. What you received was value. Incredible value.

We are highly competitive, we offer the best balloon writing available on ebay. Your expectations are far beyond what you can get for £1.20. We display all our work on the provided links within the ebay product. Your balloons are now visible for other people to view on our example page. The colours may differ slightly due to computer settings, but they will be similar.

If you are still unhappy with the product, please return all items for a full refund.

———–Two weeks later ———————–

The balloons have not been returned within 14 days so we have not refunded your items. We honour our returns policy and are now confused to why negative feedback was left but you have kept the items and not used the resolution centre.

Can we suggest in future you use ebay with the tools provided (resolution centre and returns policy) rather than leaving negative feedback. Negative feedback is used as a last resort when returns policy and resolution centre have failed.

In case you haven’t noticed it’s been half term and I’ve been away on holiday. Two bloody balloons are not the total focus of my life. I am not going to waste time going to a post office, paying to return them all for your convenience. I’ve paid for the goods, I’ve paid the full amount. I haven’t asked for a refund. All I have done is state I wasn’t happy with the quality. That is my choice. Please do not contact me again.


Two bloody balloons are not the total focus of my life”.  is my favourite sentence emailed to me this year.

I believe in sorting problems out to keep customers happy.  Pemberton33 didn’t want to sort the issues she had with me. Didn’t want a refund. Didn’t want a re-print. She just preferred to email rant.  No one wins being like this with our personalised balloons. Such a shame.