personalised birthday balloons delivered

Personalised birthday balloons delivered.

Another one of our aims is to provide personalised birthday balloons. Our idea is to provide simple worded latex balloons quickly and cheaply in small quantises.  I think words on a balloon look great. Simple but effective. Many customers think so too. Simple text on a balloon has been our best seller. Some of our examples are :

So here is the plan for our “personalised birthday balloons delivered” project :

  1. Small range of popular balloon colours
  2. One, possibly two ink choices
  3. Several fonts to choose from
  4. Simple worded message, as large as possible. 3-5 worded sentence, birthday to begin with
  5. Quick turnaround
  6. Quick delivery
  7. Creates simple personalised birthday balloons delivered

Birthday balloons have not been popular with us yet. Our most popular printed balloons service is for businesses and charities. They want latex balloon printing and upload their artwork to us for printing. The customized birthday balloons market has a different style of products and price range. We offer the personalised large foil numbers for example. Google has dropped our ranking for birthday balloon searches.  The following phrases are dropping on google :

personalised 1st birthday balloons

personalised birthday balloons delivered

customized birthday balloons

personalised birthday balloons uk

personalized birthday balloons

printed birthday balloons

Cool artist’s that would create great work for personalised birthday balloons delivered

I’m always interested in icons and designs. Here are a couple of artist’s work that would look great on a balloon print :

Listings update and focus on personalised birthday balloons delivered

The latest keyword update is listed below. “Personalised birthday balloons delivered” has struggled over the weeks. Therefore I’ve focused on this phrase.  This is to boost its popularity. I have noticed it takes a couple of months following a focus before google listings take effect. My approach is write a blog post over one month. Every day the single post gets bigger. Thoughts, ideas and current work gets written up. The focus on the keyword remains throughout the blog. Once the blog hits over 3000 words a new post is created with a new phrase. Photos links and embedded code are all added to the single page. At the top of the page we supply a number of relevant links to out products. Theses links are relevant to the post.

Just seem this tweet from celebration balloons. I love this personalised foil balloon. Very professional.

Bouquet of balloons which had air and helium filled with a personalised foil delivered to @europahotel

Personalised birthday balloons delivered around the world

A couple of projects around the world for balloon printing.

A great video on printing to larger balloons

People are setting up their own manual printer. Emily Owens blog has details on building a manual single colour printer that could be adapted for printing on balloons.

File upload not working for balloon printing

The ability for users to upload artwork has failed this week. I’m not sure why as the website was working since we installed. Orders have been coming in. I’ve contacted the programmers and installed a freebie version called wordpress file upload for now.


Other work this week on the balloon printing website include optimized images and a reduction in animated effects that slowed down the website. I noticed that some pages were taking over 8 seconds to load. That’s enough time for users to hit the quit button. The ordering page for products has been simplified again. I’ll probably add the slogan “the simplest way to buy personalised balloons” onto a couple of pages. The menus have been simplified to highlight the key product areas we sell.

personalised balloons and now PVC letter and number inflatables… possibly?

Around ten years, one of our supplier (Qualatex) sold inflatable letters (branded as infletters). Many balloon shops sold them throughout the UK. Qualatex stopped providing them as they lost the license to sell them. A company in Italy became the exclusive wholesaler for Europe and they disappeared from the UK. They are available on ebay from international sellers but no-one in the UK is selling them. They were our biggest seller for years. So many customers requested them as they were perfect for birthday celebrations. We actually sold them in our “personalised birthday balloons delivered” section of our website. Even though they were not technically latex or foil (which party balloons are usually classed as). There are a couple of other products on the market sold as long lasting balloons but are in fact pvc inflatables.  I have found around 10 companies on Alibaba making these products and asked for some samples. Personalised inflatable letters may be back.

Viewing old balloon printing websites

Websites have to be kept up yo date. Like a brick and mortar shop, they can look dated and old without continually upgrading. I just had a look at our old balloon printing website on


. A website dedicated to photographing all parts of the web since 2006. Screenshot of all our old websites. Some look embarrassing now!

Personalised wall stickers now online

We added personalised wall stickers to the website following a trial on ebay. They are now available on this website. As the website name is called “get personalised balloons”, it seems incorrect to add personalised stickers. Therefore the website name has changed to “get personalised”. We have acquired the domain name as all other domain names are unavailable. Get personalised became available on the 11th July following a non-renewal from an owner since 2000. Yes we own a 16 year old domain name now with great potential. Now that we are known as get personalised I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what people are searching for online using the word “personalised”.

Personalised christmas good are the most popular search term, followed by number plates. The phrase gifts appears frequently. Very frequently. Out of the 682 search results, gift or gifts appears in 494 of them. That’s 72% of the phrases. Looks like I should start selling personalised gifts for him,her, wedding and baby.

Personalised birthday balloons delivered on contacted us this week. We have the free listing on yell and their approach is to upgrade free listings to fully paid. After I explained our service is for anyone in the UK, they started to understand why does not fit into our business. To advertise for just the London costs £30 a month under the search term “personalised birthday balloons delivered”. For searching for any city on the  UK costs £1,000’s a month. And when google and facebook is free, why should I bother. Yell and yellow pages are known brand names. They should do something big other than paid listings. They should be doing what “checkatrade” and “the good mechanic guide” do so well. That is to base their listings
on good reviews and get renowned for being informative and helpful. What they have become is a listings guide based upon companies paying the most money.

The Personalised birthday balloons delivered website is now flying (like it’s personalized balloons).

I’ve added a couple of plugins following a check on the websites performance.

WP Performance Score Booster




Both were installed following reading the blog on

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