personalised gifts for babies in frames

My journey to move the personalised website from printed balloons and personalised wall stickers onto other products continues. Recently looking for personalised gifts and items, I came across personalised photo frame and personalised gifts for babies. Dominated in the UK by “not on the high street” website and ETSY, there is a surge of products available for picture frames and craft designs using computerised vinyl cutters. Googles keyword planner brings a host of searches for personalised gifts and pictures.  Dominated again by the word “personalised”.

Keywords for personalised gifts for babies and frames

After baby gifts is a sort after phrase :

Looking from these lists, we have stripped them down around 20 phrases to use on this website. These phrases best describe the services we will be offering.


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Planning personalised gifts for babies

We have come up with a couple of ideas for personalised picture frames. The simplest one is printing a vinyl cut and placing it on a glass frame. These are common on crafting websites. The second ideas is etching a design onto the glass of a picture frame. Etching can be created with Etch cream or by sand blasting a section of the glass using a stencil.

A couple of picture frame sizes have been sourced :

16″ x 11″

9.5″ x 7.5″

Using the larger size I’ve used etch cream and created a personalised frame to contain a picture of my dog.

I’ve also seen some designs on other websites and offered something similar using a vinyl cutter process. the backing is removed and a vinyl cut added to the glass. The Glass is then locked in place. It’s a very simple process. I’ve added the design service onto ebay. Similar services are on not on the hight street and ETSY for twice the price for a smaller frame.

personalised baby gift in frame

personalised picture frames