printed balloons small quantities

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printed balloons small quantities. Latex balloon printing available from 25 balloons. Single foil balloon delivery with personalised messages on are available with in birthday, christening, hen party, wedding and other celebrations. Large number foil balloons are also available. These are a name duplicated numerous times on the balloon.

Printed balloons small quantities – How are they made?

Screens are created with an inverted image to add to the balloon. The screens have ink poured into them. A rubber squeegee is used to push the ink through the stenciled screen. This transfers an image on the balloon. The foil balloons may already have an image on the balloon. Extra words are added to the existing image to personalised the product. Creating printed balloons small quantities. The latex balloons have no existing image on them and a fresh image is used to print on the balloon. Balloon printing using the screen printing method is usually carried out using a single ink colour.

Printed balloons small quantities from get personalised balloons

Get balloons printed was stared in 2016. However the owners have been around a lot longer. They set up “important occasions” and “small important people” from 2003 until 2014. Important occasions was a balloon and party shop for older ages. Small important people specialised in parties and balloons for younger ages. After selling the companies and products in 2014 the owners took a break before starting get balloon printed. This new company changed the way balloons are sold. The main aim was to sell printed balloons in small quantities. Single foil balloons and small run latex balloons. There are so many companies wanting the large run print jobs. No-one we could find offers single foil balloons personalised apart from hand-written foil balloons. Our aim was to create a process that offer single quantities with a professional look that wasn’t hand written. Our business approach was created and named “Get balloons printed”. A first slogan was “printed balloons small quantities”.

The most popular colours (balloons and ink)

When it comes to balloon printing, the following chart lists our most popular balloon and ink colours ordered by out online customers. White is the most popular balloon colour, followed by purple. White is the most popular ink colour.