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printed balloons :

So the printed balloons website changed domain today. We purchased A well established website, but the rankings were falling a little. We have owned the domain name “” for a number of years. An old printing company disposed of it and we picked it up from for a small cost from go-daddy. It had been used as a forwarder. I’ve made this the main hosting name now. We will test this over the coming weeks.  Hopefully it won’t upset an un-paid order I have received today. Whilst the domain name is not listed on dmoz, it does contain the words print and balloons. I am not sure which what will happen. Sometimes I just make decisions to see what happens as a test.

Printed balloons on ebay

We are now selling printed balloons on ebay. Ebay has hundreds of selling frightening on-line to win business. So how do we get our products sold above everyone else? It’s so difficult nowadays getting to the top of the list on ebay. The big sellers are on top. Those that have sold thousands and have a good customer satisfaction result. To speed up the number of sellers on out “get personalised balloons” ebay account, we are selling a number of different products. Some non-balloon related, including audio products, DIY products and personalised stickers. We have a cricut machine that can easily print out personalised wall stickers. By selling products every week we can increase the number of products sold and hopefully get some good online reviews. By building this reputation, our products should start to be displayed nearer the top of the ebay rankings

Google Adverts added to printed balloons website

Google adverts have been added on the printed balloons website this morning. Not everyone who visits our website will buy from us. If it’s not quite what they were looking for, then a google advert might push from in their desired direction. We have used google on many occasions in the past on our website. At it’s peek we were making £200. A percentage of the revene was passed onto us. The advertising revenues have decreased now, but it still is worth having on a website.

printed balloons on youtube

We own some of the most popular printed balloon youtube clips. The most popular one is titled

personalised balloons

. Posted online in 2010 with 40,000 viewings. We have updated this video to include our new name and website address.

The changing face of websites with printed balloons

Ebay, google, Apple and Amazon entered the worlds attention over ten years ago. Telling us all to buy from these minimal looking websites. For a seller, they advised us to sell products on a white background with minimal colour. Google triumphed with a home pages showing a logo and and a text box. No description or instruction. The minimalized of looks. An internet world of white background display. The world has moved on and shopping websites are far more colourful. ‘Etsy’ and ‘not on the high street’ have shown that products displayed within a colourful picture show quality. Even the like of B and M, wilcos and poundstretcher have all found a garden product set within a garden picture sells better than on a white background. The printed balloons for sale on this website have taken the same stance. Wanting to display them within their correct environment the balloons are now displayed within a party atmosphere. The background is sometimes blurred out to enhance the actual item for sale.


The products now laid in front of an outdoor party picture.

printed balloons on Bing

We have always analysed google webmaster statistics as a guide to run this website. Bing from Microsoft also has a webmaster tools section to their kit of data for web producers. The information below show search terms that users have typed to locate our website –

A quick view of their keyword stats shows balloons and birthday balloons as the highest ranked key phrases. Personalized balloons has far more searches than personalised balloons. The phrase “

send balloons

” is one I’ve not seen before and a lot of people are searching for brands such as card factory.

Google positions for printed balloons and other keyphrases

We are heading toward the top position for a number of google keywords. printed balloons is performing well, printed balloons is needing a boost. We researched for keyphrases early in 2016. We identified the following list of terms and phrases that best described our services : ttttt

This graph shows the direction we are heading is the correct one. As time moves on (left to right), the position of our website within google is heading towards the top. Below 10 means our website is listed on the first page of google results. This results will differ depending on the location of the search. As our business is registered on google business as Birmingham, our results perform best when in Birmingham.

Most popular balloon colours for printed balloons

We have published data from some our printed balloon orders for this year. The data released shows the most popular balloon colours ordered and ink colours when ordering printed balloons. White is the most popular ink colour and the most popular balloon colour ordered. The balloon colours vary a lot, the ink colours are generally static at black and white.

Personalised shaped foil balloons for printed balloons

If you looking for a shaped foil balloons (such as a tooth paste shaped balloon to promote your tooth paste product) then have a look at the Chaoan Lanbeier balloon Factory. They frequently send me their catalogue of very specific printed balloons products. Whist we don’t offer this service, it may be worth contacting them direct if these examples are what your after. The Coke bottle, Starbucks coffee, Coalgate toothpaste and really impressive.

[pdf-embedder url=“”]

Videos for printed balloons

printed balloons on facebook

Found a plugin today that will move a woocommerce website onto a facebook tab, enabling a full shop ordering process to be completed on facebook. This menas users do not have to move out of facebook to complete a  transaction. Maybe this will be the first printed balloon company on a facebook shop. The plugin is on

code canyon


printed balloons on directories

I’ve updated

details on the following local directories. :

Directories have become less popular over the years since google has reduced it’s association between directory status and it’s search engine position. However the bigger directories still hold some value. now performed a scan online to see our performance whist updating our details. The results for get personalised balloons are:


Personalised wall sticker

Vinyl cut personalised wall stickers are available online and from our ebay store. Personalised stickers, letters for wall, name wall stickers and custom wall stickers all made to order and posted out within 24 hours. The personalised name stickers are available in many colours including blue, pink, white black and gold.

Personalised baby frames

Produced in the same method as a wall sticker but as a front facing sticker that can be stuck to a window or in this case a glass frame. We have a couple of designs that create a great birthday craft gift.

printed balloons on picasweb

Some older printed balloons from our previous life as important occasions :

printed balloons on ETSY and not on the high street.

There are a few companies who are featured within ETSY and not on the high street. I’m hoping to get some of our products on these affiliates as well. I also like the glass etching products and cricut projects.

Getting personalised online

Just came across this website on line today. Dedicated to selling personalised products online. It has just started selling personalised balloons. Maybe there is room to offer other personalised products on our website. Maybe we should change our name from


Updating the printed balloons website with speed

Following the suggestions on this blog has improved the speed of this website.  To assist with forwarding from the old domain, we’ve created a list of all pages on this website using the following export function :

The cost of advertising printed balloons on google adwords

When advertising on google, a suggested bid price is listed against key phrases. The higher the price, the more competitive that phrase is for advertisers. The more the advertiser bids to the suggested bid price, the higher chance the listing will be placed in front of a user. Balloon promotions is highly sort after with a highly suggested bid price. It’s good to check this list frequently. Users searching habits can change. As do trends and fads. Printed balloon invitations have become popular over the last 7 years. This has seen the rise of the suggested bid price for printed balloon invitations. Personalised photo balloons have become popular since balloon supplier Anagram purchased the company


and supplied the single printed photo balloon to the world.

The 150 most competitive balloon phrases from google adwords (that are related to balloon printin) are listed below :

Traditional printed balloons on latex

personalised balloons are used for special occasions. Weddings, birthdays, company open days and new brands. We offer small run printed balloons on latex balloons. From quantities of 25 upwards. We can supply a one colour print Producing company logos, words and a range of templates to re-word. Visit out personalised latex printed balloons page. Order online. Latex printed balloons is performed using a screen print process. Logos and designs are transformed to the screen. This Produces a single colour screen stencil. The stencil is placed onto the balloon. Ink is then passed across the screen stencil to create a printed balloon. The ink is assisted through the stencil using a squeegee. Similar to those used by a window cleaner to swipe wet windows clean. The squeegee is passed across the stencil two or three times to force ink onto the balloon creating the required print.

New and exclusive printed balloons products.

We are able to offer exclusive printed balloons products. Our large number printed balloons products are produced in-house and offer a personalised name repeated over the front of a large silver numbered balloon. We also offer coloured foil balloons with a white polka dot / spotted balloon design. These can be balloon printed with a three to six worded phrase. Typical personalised examples of our balloon print on these designs would be “Happy Birthday Noah” and “Welcome Amelia to our World”.

Get Personalised. The name for printed balloons.

We have been part of the balloon and party industry for over ten years. Originally running a helium balloons decoration and printed balloon service in Coventry. From 2005 until 2014 we were called “important occasions”. An online service for printed balloons and balloon decoration. Alongside this, we ran a children’s party organiser service from 2003 until 2010to fulfil a gap in the market to decorate and run parties for children. Our children’s party services were called small important people. Personalised products was highly featured in our services. The popularity of printed balloons came from these services. The children’s party services also included the popular infletters. These were inflatable letters that could be strung together to spell names. A very easy way to personalise any party. Unfortunately the personalised letters became unavailable in the UK and the focus became personalised printed balloons . However we are currently in talking to sell our own branded inflatable letters. It may happen again.

The printed balloons sale

We sold all equipment stock and websites assets to a number of different companies in 2013. We then moved the location to Birmingham in the West Midlands. The important occasions website was sold in 2014 to balloonprint in Dublin. More than two years on they are still using the website and uploading twitter pictures every week of printed balloons jobs. The whole process was fun. Finding a gap in the market. Starting a business to fulfil that gap. Then selling it on.

In 2016 we decided to do it again. Offering personalised balloons again. Get balloons printed was the new name (the old name of important occasions never really described what we did). Some of my very old websites were still owned by ourselves. We started from scratch again. We have a skill for researching what people are searching for on google. Working on a process to supply a service in line with what people are searching for. Then finally creating a website in line with our research. The websites, and are websites became alive again. Since the beginning of 2016 we’ve been looking on the internet to source different products. We began again to offer the best printed balloons prices. We do get asked if we regret selling the old domain name and balloon products. I wished we could have held onto some of the items, but at the time we needed the cash. Therefore selling our assets and starting again makes a wise decision.

printed balloons

Get personalised balloons  – a very different printed balloons service.

Our old company was a copy to every other UK printed balloons company. However the difference was to add the option to buy online. Pre 2010 we were the only company selling balloon printing products on-line. Getting orders via the internet and smartphone was the only way to buy our services. It was very successful. Rival printing companies followed the online trend. Offering balloon printing online. In 2016 we started to do something different. Really different. We were looking for a printing process that was cheaper. There are several ways we cut down the balloon printing process.

Sourcing balloons direct from the supplier. Ordering direct from China is easy nowadays. The balloon wholesalers in the UK charge 5 times as much. Compared with ordering direct. We’ve already located the suppliers that supply to the major branded balloon companies.

Printing from a small unit. No large business premises.

The big cost in printing is building the screen print. Also cleaning down old printed screens. Using alternative screen emulsions and chemicals will cut time and costs. I have a few ideas. They may work.

Offering a smaller selection of products to print on. This time, we will only print on a very small selection of balloons. Quite specific.

In-house website. We do the website, designs, marketing, branding. We take orders online reducing phone order costs. Cutting down on expensive website designer and programming fees. Cutting the amount of products we print on will make the website easier to control. The brand and marketing name was all done without paying a constantly firm. We love our name, slogan and ideas. “Get balloons printed” is the “does as it says on the tin” name. The slogan “the name for balloon printing” is a play on words. As we add names to balloons whilst also refers to our trading name. We also use the slogans “we’re getting personal” and “this time it’s personal”. .

All this adds up to out main USP. The UK’s cheapest small run balloon printing service.

The difference between personalised balloons, balloon printing, printed balloons and custom balloons.

There is no difference, they all mean the same thing. The majority of people call them personalised balloons. Balloon printing and printed balloons are still commonly used phrases.

printed balloons suppliers

There area a number of balloon suppliers in the UK that offer balloons for printing onto. :

Qualatex – Provider of balloons to independent shops and local balloon decorators. They have an online balloon catalogue available.

Unique – An all round party provider. They have a small amount of balloon products that are usually a lot cheaper than other major companies. Commonly seen in Asda supermarket.

CTI Balloons – Generally only seen in supermarkets.

Northstar Balloons – Growing balloon company. Offers alternatives including the square-shaped balloon.

Anagram – Possibly the largest selection of foil balloon products. Available in the UK. Also, supply a lot of branded and licensed balloons. Batman and superman shaped balloons. Part of the Amscan company. Amscan provides a full range of party products.

Creative Party – Catalogue also available online. Creative supply a small selection of balloons within each themed area.

Oaktree – Foil balloons. Supplying their own balloons and balloons from sempertex balloons.

Sempertex balloons – Foil balloons from Columbia. Available via oaktree.

belbal balloons – Latex only specialising in printing on balloons.

bobofunnco – Growing UK supplier of all things balloons.

Some of these printed balloons products can be located from china. The Alibaba express website is the online ordering company. Also a number of companies in china will print onto balloons and deliver to the UK. This option is only cost effective if the requirement is in the 1000’s.