Organic balloon decor

One phrase used in the balloon industry throughout 2017 is organic balloon decor. It’s a style of balloon decoration that adds tissues, flowers, and foliage to arches, swags and table runners.  Balloons are inflated to varying degrees. Personalised balloons can also be added. Organic balloon decor - Does it work in the UK? Can money be made selling organic balloon decor or is it industry hype? From a business view, I don’t know if money can be made from these designs. It seems to be a design … [Read more...]

Balloon training courses

For an over-exaggerate balloon industry that doesn’t exist in the size that people will make you believe. It will make businesses little money.  Eventually new balloon businesses will end up training other new businesses on balloon training courses advising them to work in an industry that doesn’t exist.  The only money is in balloon training courses. (Either that or close down the balloon business that has recently been ill-advised through other balloon training courses) The industry with lots … [Read more...]

Personalised balloons cheap

Get personalised balloons cheap. As one famous company said, “does what it says on the tin”. Personalised balloons cheap   Get Personalised Balloons - a very different service to get personalised balloons cheap Personalised balloons cheap. A couple of screen printing films that other people have uploaded : The main cost in personalising is the build of the screen. Screens use a system of applying chemicals then burn an image to retain the image. Further chemicals and water … [Read more...]