1st Birthday Personalised Balloons

After personalising foil balloons for a few years, we decided to personalise a qualatex bubble balloon. We are hoping to add 1st birthday personalised balloons to our range of services. This type of balloon (bubble branded) feels more like a plastic inflatable. However, personalising these balloons involves the same process as personalising foil balloons. Using a stencil guided process and Uniball POSCA pens to create the require name onto the balloon. Creating 1st Birthday Personalised … [Read more...]

Balloon training courses

For an over-exaggerate balloon industry that doesn’t exist in the size that people will make you believe. It will make businesses little money.  Eventually new balloon businesses will end up training other new businesses on balloon training courses advising them to work in an industry that doesn’t exist.  The only money is in balloon training courses. (Either that or close down the balloon business that has recently been ill-advised through other balloon training courses) The industry with lots … [Read more...]

Personalised Balloons in a box

Get Personalised have been busy adding products and new features to the website. Here we go with a few updates including the personalised balloons in a box update. Personalised Balloons in a box update - Personalised balloons delivered in a box Personalised balloons is our core product. Balloon printing onto latex and foil balloons. We have stated to add an option onto the 18" foil balloons. To have them delivered inflated as a gift. We are also added our printed balloons next day delivery … [Read more...]

printed balloons small quantities

[insert page=‘22381’ display='content’] Printed balloons small quantities. Latex balloon printing available from 25 balloons. Single foil balloon delivery with personalised messages on are available with in birthday, christening, hen party, wedding and other celebrations. Large number foil balloons are also available. These are a name duplicated numerous times on the balloon. Printed balloons small quantities - How are they made? Screens are created with an inverted image to add to the … [Read more...]

personalised birthday balloons delivered

Personalised birthday balloons delivered. Another one of our aims is to provide personalised birthday balloons. Our idea is to provide simple worded latex balloons quickly and cheaply in small quantises.  I think words on a balloon look great. Simple but effective. Many customers think so too. Simple text on a balloon has been our best seller. Some of our examples are : So here is the plan for our “personalised birthday balloons delivered” project : Small range of popular balloon … [Read more...]

personalised balloons by post

Here is balloon printing at its basics. Getting personalised balloons by post. I found this home made balloon printing kit on youtube. Non-automated simple hinge based process for balloon printing and personalised balloons The company is based in Portugal and sells the printer for around £550.00 (conversion rate as at April 2016). A fully automated balloon printer is also available to get personalised balloons by post: All personalised balloons by post products are available from their … [Read more...]

Save the date balloons

[insert page=‘22381’ display='content’] We have previously featured save the date personalised foil balloons on a previous article “Uk wedding planners advised to be more creative with the invitations”. This weekend we took some save the date balloons orders. Inspiration from an article I read at yeahmag. The save the date balloon started to become popular since 2010. Creative minds started to use wedding invitations in a more marketing fashion. Self-made invitations were last decade.  Fridge … [Read more...]

Personalised balloons cheap

Get personalised balloons cheap. As one famous company said, “does what it says on the tin”. Personalised balloons cheap   Get Personalised Balloons - a very different service to get personalised balloons cheap Personalised balloons cheap. A couple of screen printing films that other people have uploaded : The main cost in personalising is the build of the screen. Screens use a system of applying chemicals then burn an image to retain the image. Further chemicals and water … [Read more...]

Number Balloons Delivered

We like to get number balloons delivered. It takes  a good website to get number balloons delivered. Whilst working on a website for custom printed products, I haved compiled a list of the common SEO tips to prevent errors and mistakes. Top tips to keep a website rated highly (from a highly ranked Number Balloons Delivered website)   Top tips - Keep a blog. Keep it up to date. Getting Number Balloons Delivered. 1. When blogging and writing main pages for the website,  keep checking and … [Read more...]